Architecture internship

architecture internship

Alex and Erik of University of Illinois and Cornell

In our continuing efforts to serve the interests of our community, Chicago Architecture Today LLC offers an internship program available to undergrad and post-graduate students as well as students enrolled in online bachelor degree programs. Although internships are typically awarded to 5th-year students or graduate students, we believe that this type of work opportunity can also be a valuable educational experience for beginning architecture and/or communications majors as well. Chicago Architecture Today has enjoyed students interns from home and abroad including Ireland, England, France, Germany, Spain and South Korea. If you are majoring or planning to study any media-related or architecturally-related field, we invite you to gain some valuable experience with us.

"I would like to give you my much appreciated thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with and for you. I was just discussing this with Alexia just a week ago or so when we were both reflecting back on the summer and everything we did and so forth. I told her I was really happy that I found Chicago Architecture Today because I learned a hell of a lot about how to approach and interact in professional situations and I felt like this was my most successful internship. So once again thank you so much for getting me out there in the city, exploring, discovering, and learning. It was an experience I will NEVER forget, Thank you. I look forward to working with you in the future again sometime. Cheers!"


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Intern Program Guidelines

Candidates for internships must complete and submit an application, resume' and interview to be considered for a position.
  • Internships will be served at Chicago Architecture Today or a local architect's office if one is available.
  • The number of internships available will be in direct correlation to our needs

    and our capacity to host a particular number. It also may depend on the number of architects, firms willing to participate.

  • We uniquely provide internship opportunities to undergrads and international students.
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid depending upon current funding. They may also be full-time, part-time or on a per/project basis.
  • The term of an internship will be subject to the availability of the intern, but should cover no less than 1-month and can occur in the spring, summer or fall.
  • Availability and scheduling for work will be determined from the collaboration between the intern and the internship facilitator with an implied deference made to the intern's academic, athletic schedules and other established responsibilities.
  • Interns have the right to recuse themselves from any work-related assignment on grounds of safety, conscience or confidence in successfully performing that task.
  • Discuss any problems with your work supervisor and, if necessary, with the Chicago Architecture Today LLC, and your classroom instructor.
  • In the event of irreconcilable differences between the intern and the supervising entity, either party has the right to terminate the internship agreement.
  • At the conclusion of the internship, the intern will receive a certificate with a rating of either Superior, Excellent, Good or Fair.

  • As a pre-requisite for consideration of any candidate for internships, a resume’ must be submitted along with the program application. The following list is a guideline for many of the things your prospective employers would like to know. You are free to construct this in a way which best expresses your personality. This entails including whatever additional things you deem helpful in defining your employability which have not been requested.

    Suggested Resume’ Inclusions

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