Architecture as a Green Career

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Sustainable development is the way in which the present needs of people are met without adversely affecting the ability for future generations to meet their own needs. The idea suggests that the way the world balances social, environmental, and economic issues today will determine how future needs are met. Architecture is a valuable way to support energy. It also helps in waste management, efficient use of materials and land.

Using compact florescent lighting, low-flow toilets, and skylights is a form of sustainable architecture. LEED is a term used for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a non-profit Green Building Council in the United States. It is also recognized around the world as a certification system in regards to green building. This process applies to retail and apartment buildings. Architects that pursue LEED certification are striving for the gold to platinum standard in the buildings they design and create in hopes of using the earth’s resources in the best way. In order to qualify several areas must be addressed. Those areas are sustainable sites, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, water efficiency, indoor environment quality, and innovation in design.

Architects plan and design offices, buildings, houses, schools, airports, and churches. Architects have a strong voice in deciding if a construction project will enhance, protect, or endanger the environment. Jobs in this field are expected to increase greater than any other occupation through 2018 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). This is due to the increase of public desire to have more environmentally friendly structures.

Landscape architects design parks, colleges, soccer and baseball fields, playgrounds, etc. The purpose of landscape architects is to make the outdoors even more attractive with flowers, trees, and walkways. They work with environmental scientists to ensure the best alternatives for conservation and natural resource restoration. They take the weather, soil, water, hills and plants into consideration when plans are made for construction.

Figuring out the best use of land in cities and neighborhoods is the job of the City Planner. They try to resolve issues with traffic and pollution. When the population increases city planners incorporate the changes into new plans for additional schools, roads, and trash removal (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010).

Some people think of architecture as art. It combines technology, personal expression, and it satisfies human needs. The construction of a building and how space is utilized can bring comfort to the elderly person who finds it difficult to get around allowing them to be more independent. Child development is also influenced by architecture. Three major areas that are influenced are physical, social, and intellectual growth.

How a building is designed can also have a great influence on stress levels. Windows which can be opened provide light and a view. High ceilings and square shaped rooms make a person feel less confined.

Architecture can elicit feelings of awe and excitement while providing motivation and satisfaction in your life and future goals.


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