How to Search Architecture Jobs Ireland Offers

architecture jobs ireland

Are you a student or recently graduated student of architecture and looking for jobs outside your country of origin? Many people do and one area that you will find jobs listing is online for many of the different positions including architecture jobs Ireland, architecture student jobs, and architecture jobs in Australia.

Regardless of where you currently live, the job market for architecture jobs Ireland is increasing, which means more opportunities for you. As the region continues to expand and build, it makes sense that you will be able to find more Ireland architecture jobs. The prospects for architectural work in Ireland include business designs, modern building, lofts, and homes.

Educational Requirements

If you are thinking of seeking architecture jobs Ireland, you should know that there are specific educational requirements you will be expected to have. These requirements came into effect under the 2007 Building Control Act, which means architects in Ireland must be registered and meet the specific qualifications outlined under the new act.

The basic requirements include:

• Gaining a degree in architecture that is recognized as legitimate in Ireland

• At least two years of practical experience, this can be in the form of an actual job or part of the educational program

• The final step is taking and passing the professional examination

In the event you have received your architectural degree from another area or country, you will need to see what, if any, leveling work or continuing education you need in order to sit for the examination. Most of the approved architectural degree programs in Ireland consists of five years of full time study, plus the practical experience. This means that the entire process of education and practical work experience can take about nine years before the person can qualify to take the architectural exam.

What you need to Find Work in Ireland

When seeking architecture jobs Ireland you should have a portfolio of the work you have done, and your educational background. Your portfolio should consist of your best designs so that you stand out from the competition. If you are just passing the examination, the you will be considered for entry level positions where you will work on more basic tasks within the profession in order to build

up your skill level.

As you skills become sharper and you gain more experience, you will have more of a pick of Ireland architecture jobs. Designing careers in Ireland is a very prestigious position and when you break into the field, you will begin gaining more experience, which of course will afford you to command more pay in the future.

Finding Word in Ireland

Like any area, the Internet plays a key role in applying for work, which means you can and should use the Internet for your benefit when seeking employment. In addition, you should apply and register with career websites because these can offer you leads to various positions you will not see in the newspapers. Moreover, do a quick search online for architecture jobs Ireland and see what kind of sites are in the first hits to see if any of them are viable for you.

In addition, do not overlook the importance of your resume; it is a key that will get you noticed or not at all. You may have a great portfolio and even experience, but if your resume stinks, you will likely not be noticed by recruiters or hiring managers since the first aspect of you they see if your resume. If you do not know how to write an effective and powerful resume, make sure you hire a well-respected resume writer in order to get your resume noticed.

Finally, building your social network can also help you gain architecture jobs Ireland because you will know someone who knows someone within a company, which can ultimately get you a position. Keep all your options open so that when you begin your search you are not just looking at one avenue.

Final Thoughts

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