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architecture jobs uk

Architecture jobs UK are increasing, possibly due to the number of loft conversions and home remodeling going on at the moment, however traditionally a UK architecture jobs have held steady as new homes are being built all the time and new and old businesses require designs and or additions. Architecture jobs UK run the gamut from traditional home and business design to modernistic or energy efficient businesses and homes. Different firms specialize in different types of architectural designs though many independent firms will take on any design task because they have a full staff of trained architects available.

Educational Requirements for Architecture jobs UK

UK architecture jobs require a considerable number of years of schooling before the person can take the final professional practice examination and join the UK register of Architects and practice as an independent architect. Architecture jobs in the UK will require two architecture degrees, and a full year of work under a qualified architect before becoming eligible to take the Professional Practice examination and join the UK register of architects. UK architecture jobs may take on an architect student at any stage but usually the second phase of architecture school to provide them with income and training in their chosen profession. In return the firm gets a more qualified employee who is motivated to learn all that they can. Such positions may not count against the 1 year required post studies. The person who is qualified to be an architect in another country may be able to progress to the work stage of studies or directly into the professional practice examination depending on their credentials.

Skills and Considerations for Architecture jobs UK

UK architecture jobs require a unique set of skills and interests to make an architect who is not only creative but financially responsible. Architects must not only work with form and function in mind, but environmental impact must be considered as well as regulations and building codes. Further more any project has budgetary considerations which must be accommodated as well as design considerations.

The individual seeking architecture jobs UK may well have a portfolio showing designs for homes or buildings that display their abilities to combine the form with the budget and function. Recycling and energy conservation are very much on everyone’s minds these days and the architect who’s portfolio can reflect that will usually stand out from the crowd. Luxury

homes are not out of fashion but conspicuous consumption or wastefulness does not usually sell the architect as well when seeking UK architecture jobs.

Most entry level architecture jobs UK will have the successful candidate working under a senior architect performing the most basic tasks. This apprentice period is an excellent time for the very skilled architect to show their basic skills as well as to gradually move into more advanced projects and eventually to head their own.

Experienced architects will usually have their pick of projects to choose from and they often will lead design teams with larger firms or will be responsible for working with the client and accommodating their design needs until the project is completed.

How to Find UK Architecture Jobs

Persons ready to start work will begin their UK architecture jobs search with the local paper or perhaps by taking their resume around to local firms that might be hiring. However a more thorough search for architecture jobs UK can be conducted via the internet using online career sites to search for architecture jobs UK in places one might not ordinarily see the newspaper or know someone local to give them a tip that a firm is about to have a vacancy.

When searching online for UK architecture jobs then it is wise to keep in mind that a site that specializes in architects and lists jobs by region such as London, Brighton or Scotland or your choice. Not all architecture firms are located in metropolitan areas and not everyone wants to live in one. Even though you are searching for a job there is no need to move some place you don’t want to live.

Register with your career site choice since registration will permit the site to send you updates when new Architecture jobs UK are posted that meet your criteria. The best career search sites will allow you to also specify salary requirements in your notifications.

Above all polish up your resume and fatten your portfolio since those are what most firms will see before they meet you personally. They are the representation of your professional abilities.

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