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boozhgan architecture studio sculpts a dynamic brick facade for the haghighi house

all images courtesy of people’s architecture office

recently exhibited at the guangzhou times museum, people’s architecture office -designed pop up habitat is pushed to new extremes with a display of complex structures formed from the modular shelter unit. developed from the photographers’ reflective panels, each unit offers a portable and light-weight solution to temporary housing. flexible and versatile, the structures can be installed virtually anywhere as displayed in their first exhibition where the city of dashilar was covered with pop up habitats reclaiming the courtyards and rooftops (you can read more about it here ). in their most recent showing, the team explored the wide range of structural possibilities creating larger scale geometric mega-structures using the individual units. due to their light-weight characteristic the habitats can be stacked and linked to form long-span canopies and buildings capable of accommodating larger groups for various activities, a testament to the growing definition of uses.

top of a large canopy structure

an entry threshold and habitable space at the culture and art festival of songzhuang, october, 2013

in the courtyard of the good design exhibition

multimedia pyramid auditorium at the good design exhibition

in an urban context

rooftop structure

urban infill structures can be installed just about anywhere

step by step construction of larger structures

configurations in diagram

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