Architecture photography

architecture photography

Meet Raef Grohne, Architectural Photographer.

(You can shake his hand when he gets down)

Raef has built his career and reputation for the past 19 years by paying thorough attention to detail; by capturing both art & function, and the distinct personality of each project he photographs.

Its all in the details.

Whether the project is residential, commercial or hotels and resorts, Raef’s on a constant pursuit to imbues his photos with the perfect sense of style, intrigue and artistic flair that will lure the viewer in, instilling a subtle desire to want to know the structure and space better. This pursuit is created by combining a great angle that will highlight architectural design and details with lighting that conveys warmth and highlight nuances in shape, colour and texture.

No vertigo when vertical.

Having photographed projects all over North America, Hawaii and Thailand, Raef enjoys the challenges of location shoots.

“I thrive on locations work because of the constantly changing variables. Having the ability to adapt quickly and still being able to get that great shot is an exciting, adrenalin pumping experience that I thoroughly enjoy. Shooting panoramas up 300 feet on a mobile crane comes in a close second”.

“I love my job”.

Lets Talk.

Whether the shoot is for real estate marketing, a magazine editorial, a company portfolio or website, Raef’s style and quality will produce the impact to help tell a story, sell your project or sell your business.

Call or him to discuss your project.

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