Architecture Presentation Crits [ Funny ]

Image Source. Archinet

Here are some of the best comments by lecturers and professors I’ve come across, most of these quotes are from online blogs reading (archinet), some are from words of mouth while others are first hand experience, here goes:

  • “Why are you here? Don’t come back next semester.”
  • “Here’s a quarter. go call your mom and tell her you’re not going to be an architect.”
  • Your design is like masturbation, you want to know why? That is because only you yourself enjoyed and like it.
  • What is that boxy thing (model)? A coffin?
  • Your design sucks!
  • Your design is very tasteful… … for the tasteless.
  • “Is this a … structural… glob of glue?”
  • “When I went to school, at a different school than this one, there were students who would present projects like this one.
And they would fail.”
  • “Your project looks like something that’s been through a trash compactor”
  • “This space that you’ve designed is the type place where beggars and

    dogs go to die”

  • “Are you in interior design?”
  • “Why are you studying architecture if you’re producing things like that?”
  • “Hey, everyone, gather round this project, come in close…because this is a great example for everyone of exactly what NOT to do..”
  • “This drawing isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.”
  • “This (model) is great…..just don’t let your dog play with it next time.”
  • “The program you invented was meant solely for your architectural masturbation……”
  • If you build this and after 10000 years the aliens see it, they would understand why humans extinguish
  • “Have you ever considered a career in accounting?”
  • “oh, so it’s like some kind of orgy pit!”
  • “So your parents are pay $20000 a year for this.”
  • “Your theory is bullshit. You don’t need that”
  • Prof pointing to part of a model, “Did you chew this?”
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