Art & Architecture Graduate Programs

The directory contains close to 4,000 Art and Architecture graduate programs in subjects from Architecture to Theater. Select a subject to view program listings.

Fine Arts Graduate Programs

The MFA, or Master of Fine Arts, is considered the terminal degree in the practice of dance, theatre, visual art, and other creative disciplines such as writing and filmmaking. While other advanced degrees including the MA and Ph.D. are also awarded in these fields, they are primarily designed to serve those who want to study and pursue careers in history, theory, or arts administration. Alternatively, the MFA is the

degree for those who wish to focus on technique and craft – dancers, actors, directors, sculptors, painters, designers, and so forth.

Architecture Graduate Programs

Architects combine technical know-how with artistry to design buildings, and in some cases, the areas surrounding them. Generally speaking, their responsibilities include: preliminary conversations with the client regarding needs, expectations, and budget, analysis of the site and location, creation of concept design drawings, which bring together plans, sketches, and models, establishing technical details and specifications, obtaining permits, contracting with builders, and collaboration with them throughout the construction process, and any necessary follow-up after the project is completed.

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