Architecture school

February 02, 2015

letsartandwhatnot asked: Hello! I am rather keen on studying architecture but it just seems so daunting. And everyone who asks what I'm considering for university has a look of horror when I tell them I've been considering archi. How did you know that it was for you? Also, I'm a little hesitant to apply as I've only begun to seriously consider archi in the last year or so and hence, my art skills aren't all that good and I don't have a portfolio (I'm trying to work on this now by drawing but its quite bad).

You should ask yourself truthfully why you are interested in architecture. Instead of worrying about art skills go look at

architecture books, year books from different archi schools, and see if those things pique your interest. Websites like archdaily, designboom, and even the architecture tag on tumblr could be deceiving, because it isn’t just about pretty pictures of buildings. Oh and it is a harrowing course. But don’t let those horrified looks affect how you make your decision. You should consider if you have genuine interest in the subject first and foremost.

I need to emphasise that architecture is not art, in the sense of drawing, painting etc. it does involve drawing and model-making, but those are a means to an end, which is designing architecturally - and nothing can prepare you for this process of learning except an open-mind, perseverance and a thirst for knowledge.

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