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architecture sites

Just for Kids! | quality sites exploring architecture for kids and educators! The sites featured include profiles of famous architects, architectural history, and information about significant buildings presented with an engaging and educational approach.

Just for Kids!

The American Pyramid | documents the struggle to construct the Washington Monument in this interactive retrospective.

Architecture for Kids | this site from Building Connections has lots of information about the bungalow style houses, and there is even a small model you can build with plans provided online!

Architecture in Education | a program of the Foundation for Architecture in Philadelphia suited primarily for educators, this site features projects and activities related for teaching children about architecture.

Architecture through the Ages | a site sponsored by ThinkQuest that discusses many types of architecture from ancient cities to the building of cathedrals.

Art Guide of Florence | an aerial overview of Florence, Italy with a "clickable" map of the city's landmarks. Click on the buildings to see details of the historic art and architecture of Florence.

Build Your Own Rollercoaster | invites you to design and engineer your own rollercoaster online with an interactive Java interface.

Buildings, Bridges, and Tunnels | enjoy an interactive tour of some of the 20th Centuries most spectacular structures and feats of engineering from .

CUBE | the Center for Understanding the Built Environment provides information for educators to teach students about design, preservation, and planning.

Fall of

the Leaning Tower | NOVA presents a engaging investigation of the famous tower of Pisa, and why it still stands as well as efforts to preserve this medieval treasure.

Frank Lloyd Wright | even if you missed the PBS special, you can still visit the online companion to the documentary featuring a biography of the life and buildings designed by this famous architect.

I Want To Be An Architect | Futurescan presents an informative introduction to a career in the architectural profession.

LEGOLAND | visit famous places and see miniature replicas of architectural landmarks created with the famous LEGO bricks!

Pyramids - The Inside Story | NOVA presents an engaging interactive look inside the famous pyramids of Egypt.

Secrets of Lost Empires | ancient places and events including a Medieval Siege, Pharaoh's Obelisk, Easter Island, Roman Bath, and China Bridge are explored in this NOVA presentation.

Recreate such masterpieces as Chartres Cathedral, a Renaissance palazzo, a Palladian villa, a Chicago skyscraper, the Sydney Opera House, and the Getty Center with full-color foldouts, pullouts, and popups!

'A brief, beautiful glimpse of something from the world of architecture, design, and art. poetic, subtle, and interesting!'

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