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After a little 10 month break, it’s time for another entry into the  ongoing series I have been running where we get to take an inside look into the working contents of various design and construction related professionals. To date we have seen contents from:

Today we get a look into the bag of American architecture student, Kyle Landau, who at the time was studying abroad in Florence for his fourth year. Kyle is from Carlsbad, California where he attends California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, but was studying abroad at the CalPoly Firenze campus at the time he submitted his bag to me. Kyle let me know that minus a panino and a bottle of vino rosso (most likely) that this is the contents of his typical school day.

1. 2010 Macbook Pro

2. Macbook Pro Magsafe charger with Europe plug attachment

3. Magic Mouse (because modeling with a trackpad isn’t quite impossible, but it is certainly a special kind of hell)

6. Apartment keys with RFID fob for entrance into studio 24/7 and fob to enter school building after hours

7. Allcatel burner phone to make voice calls and text in Europe (since AT&T won’t unlock my iphone 5)

8. Passport – only form of ID accepted in Europe

9. Persol sunglasses – to fit in with the impossibly stylish Italian men

12. LAMY Safari White fountain pen with Broad nib. Noodler’s bulletproof black ink – for sketching, doodling, drawing

13. Stabilo .88 and Stabilo Pen 68, black – when thin felt tips are called for

14. Koh-I-Nor Drawing Pencils – H, 2B, 4B, 6B for sketching, figure drawing

15. Field Notes gridded notebook – for written notes and quick thoughts

16. Miquelrius black plain sketchbook – my primary sketchbook, mostly sketches and journalling, designing

17. Canson drawing pad (the orange one) – for pencil and charcoal drawing


Whitelines gridded notebook – for notes in Italian class

19. Italian textbooks – for three hours of intensive Italian a day

20. Masking tape – anyone who claims to be an architecture student that doesn’t have tape is lying to you.

21. Water bottle – italians don’t drink tap water, but you can  refill a water bottle at many public fountains, and it’s hot this time of year

So that’s the contents of your typical architecture student traveling abroad. I can tell you that this bag is a lot different from the bag I carried around with me when I was in school. If I think back to the year 1990, it wasn’t cool to wear backpacks to everyone had shoulder bags … that just meant my stuff was sliding around all over the place – it was really like hauling your stuff around in a gym duffel bag. I’ll also admit that I had more than one “mix tape” in my bag because how else were you going to get your jam on? I am NOT going to admit in writing what was on that mix tape but I can assure you that at the time … it was awesome.

I decided to run this post because I had a friend of mine, who is going to be studying abroad this next semester, ask me if I could recommend some things he might want to pack for his trip. So how about it – any recommendations … other than some kick-ass mix tapes?

Rock on,

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