5 Best Architecture Colleges in India

Graduating with a degree from an established institute will give your career a head start. To succeed as an architect, you must apply to reputed colleges and go through the right curriculum. We present a detailed review of the 5 Best Architecture Colleges in India .

The following list was compiled by conducting surveys within the industry. Along with HR professionals, instructors and students from several colleges were also surveyed. Hence it is important to understand that ultimately this list is opinionated as the word ‘best’ is subjective.

Each college was also judged by, the year of establishment, course structure, faculty, size of campus and facilities provided. I strongly recommend that you read the list carefully and decide for yourself. Note that colleges located in Mumbai are not included in this list.

1. CEPT University, Ahmedabad

If you think of studying architecture in India, this is the first name that should come to your mind. This fine institute was established over 51 years ago. CEPT stands for The Center for Environmental Planning and Technology. It was founded by The Ahmedabad Education Society.

The college is spearheaded by the director, Dr.Bimal Patel and offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. The Under-Graduate program is set for a non-flexible duration of 5 years. Students graduate with a Bachelor’s in Architecture which is recognized across the globe.

They offer a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design. These are full-time courses which last for 2 years each. Before applying for the Post-Graduate program candidates must hold a valid Bachelor’s in Architecture. Click here to visit their website.

The college offers students a large campus and a long list of resources which includes, a library, several workshops, labs and cafeterias. The fee charged is approximately Rs.45,000 per year and is subject to change. This is undoubtedly the best architecture college in India.

2. IIT, Kharagpur (West Bengal)

We generally tend to associate the ‘IITs’ as engineering colleges. In this case the college is well known due to its architecture programs. ‘IIT’ stands for the Indian Institute of Technology. This particular institute was established over 62 years ago by the Government of India.

Note that the architecture college is known as ‘ARP’ or Architecture and Regional Planning and is located within IIT, Kharagpur. The college offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. The Under Graduate program is set for a time period of 5 years. Click here to visit their website.

The Post Graduate program lasts for a duration of 2 years after which students graduate with degree which states ‘Masters of City Planning’. The college does not offer any other Post Graduate courses. They also offer a Ph.D in Architecture and Regional Planning.

The IIT, Kharagpur campus is massive. It includes 19 academic departments and 13 multi-disciplinary schools. This has resulted in a large community of innovators and designers. They do offer students with separate hostels for girls and boys. The fee charged per year is undisclosed.

3. School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

This college is more popularly known as ‘SPA’ and was established over 72 years ago. SPA is also located in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) and Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). The programs are certified and monitored by University of Delhi. This is one of the best architecture colleges in India.

They offer two Under Graduate courses and multiple Post Graduate courses. For their Under Graduate program, students may select between a Bachelor

of Architecture and a Bachelor of Planning. This program lasts for a period of 5 years. Click here to visit their website.

They offer a variety of Post Graduate courses such as Architecture, Urban Design, Industrial Design, Building Engineering and Landscape Architecture. This program is set for a non-flexible duration of 2 years. The college has set a rigorous curriculum.

The campus is located near ITO in Indraprastha Estate in New Delhi, while the hostel is located at Maharani Bagh. They charge a modest fee of Rs.31,300 per year which does not include hostel charges. The Boarding costs are Rs.16,100 per year along with a security deposit.

4. Chandigarh College of Architecture

This college is also known as CCA and was established over 53 years ago. The institute is certified and monitored by Punjab University. This is one of the oldest and most reputed architecture college in the country. Their unique selling point is their experienced faculty.

Unlike the other colleges mentioned above they only provide students with a Bachelor of Architecture (or B.Arch.) degree. Before you apply, it is important to know that they do not provide Post Graduate courses. Click here to visit their out-dated website and find out more.

The course is divided into 10 semesters which lasts for 5 years. In the duration of the program, it is mandatory for each student to complete an internship. The college is well connected in the industry and assists each student with this process. They also provide placements after graduation.

The campus is conveniently located in Sector 12. The college offers students a large 5 acre campus along with separate boys and girls hostels. Their impressive facilities include a Library, Computer Center, Workshops, Audio-Visual Sections and a Research and Development Cell.

5. Manipal School of Architecture and Design

This college is a part of Manipal University situated in Karnataka and was established over 20 years. Interestingly Manipal University includes 14 unique schools within the same campus. Outlook India ranked this institute as one of the best architecture colleges in India.

This college includes a variety of Under Graduate, Diploma and Certificate courses but does not include a Post Graduate program in architecture. The Under Graduate program is a full time five year course, after which students are awarded a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Recent additions to the courses provided include a Diploma in Fashion Design and a certificate in Fashion Design and Information Technology. The Bachelor of Architecture program is certified and monitored by the Indian Institute of Architects and starts with a one year foundation course.

Manipal University is famous for its massive 310 acre campus. The offer students state of the art facilities and large sports grounds. The campus is so big that it feels like a city of its own. They also provide separate boarding facilities for girls and boys. Click here to visit their website.


Note that we have provided a link in each section to the college’s own website. Follow those links and find out more about every institute. Contact them and enquire if they provide financial aid or merit-based scholarships. Often students miss out on easy financial help due to negligence.

There are few colleges that allow you to apply online. Although, before applying I strongly recommend that you visit the campus and evaluate the environment. Their websites display impressive photos of the campus but often it’s not the same when you reach there.

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