Best Architecture Universities in Pakistan

Best Architecture Universities in Pakistan

Here are some Best Architecture Universities in Pakistan are listed along with little bit history in serving the education sector in Pakistan.Architecture engineering is not that much common when it comes to the engineering in Pakistan but still it is very much high paid and very much beneficial degree in Engineering in Pakistan. The students are not aware regarding the fact that although there are so many universities which are offering this engineering degree but amongst which few are those which are highly known specially for architecture engineering. Here is the guide line for such people to get aware of regarding the top 5 universities which are offering and are renowned for the Architecture Engineering in Pakistan.

1.      UET: University if engineering and Technology, Lahore is one of the best engineering university of Pakistan and which have made themselves the sole leader when it comes to the engineering department. So there is no shocking aspect if we see UET on the top of our list of the best universities which are distinguished for Architecture Engineering.

2.      NED: NED University of engineering and technology, Karachi is also one big name and a big brand ambassador of the engineering in Pakistan and that is why they have made themselves the ultimate leader in the engineering sector. When it comes to Architecture engineering,

NED has made itself highly preferred and equipped in this regard and that is why it is on the second position in our list of 5 top universities offering architecture engineering in Pakistan.

3.      Punjab University: Punjab University which is the largest university of Asia has made its impact on various diversified fields of education and that is why they have also specialized themselves in the engineering department. Students to rate this university as one of the best university in Pakistan which are eligible to provide high quality and significant education of architecture engineering and are capable of producing one of the best architects in the country.

4.      NCA: National College of Arts is the university which is highly known and renowned for their versatility and uniqueness in the quality and standards of education. They have made themselves the leader in the education of Arts, and that is why they have the potential and competent of making the best architect in the country.

5.      COMSAT: Another university which belongs to the private educational institution is a well reputed and highly desirable university for the students. Although the university is new as compared to the other top universities but still they have made themselves highly competent and admirable when it comes to the architect engineering in Pakistan.

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