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cad architecture

CAD Architecture are a multi-disciplinary chartered professional practice. Our architectural and planning roots can be traced back to the early 1990's where associates previously worked for several local planning authorities and as consultants for the private sector. Therefore we have inside knowledge and experience which cannot be matched. As a company we are relatively young, but as a group of professional and technical staff our experience and expertise is both extensive historically, and in breadth of service provision.

CAD Architecture has an innovative approach to design of buildings for people to use and enjoy. A well designed building can enrich people's lives. Spatial relationships in any environment are an important aspect of our comprehension of that environment and buildings are a major factor in establishing special awareness.

Just as important for building owners is the performance of their buildings in various aspects from ease of circulation to energy consumption and general

maintenance over a period of many years. During the life of the building many aspects of controlling the way we live will change. Therefore the buildings need to be far more flexible in use than they needed to be in the past.

Whatever the use of a building, a successful design will depend largely on the quality of the brief from the client. Forming this brief can be a challenging and rewarding process of teamwork between the client and designer. We at CAD Architecture enjoy this involvement at an early stage which forges an understanding between team members which continues and develops through both the design and construction periods.

As well as having wide experience of many building types we have specialised staff dealing with topics including sustainable design, historic buildings, planning issues, energy conservation, and specialist sports provision.

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