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In architecture field, you are responsible for designing building and structures. Architecture is not only an art, but science of planning various structures including city design, town planning, landscape architecture as well as furniture.

Architecture is challenging field. Architect have to produce a satisfying design that fits in budget as well as it should not affect safety of public. Architecture prepares plans of various structures and buildings including residential buildings, commercial buildings, penthouses, bungalows hospitals, churches, stadiums are prepared by architects.

Architecture career goes through many changes. Basically it deals with designing of building and structures. Architecture is not contemporary new concept. It has been practiced for many years. You may have heard about Victorian, Indian, Roman, and Moslem architecture practices. Examples of each architecture practice are also present today. However, role and responsibilities of an architect has changed in contemporary world.

Responsibilities of an Architect:

In modern time, architecture has taken a completely different form. This fast changing demands and requirements ask for more proficiently skilled architects who have to deal with changing environment and also have to design, plan and implement quality constructions projects.

While designing a structure, architecture should consider various aspects including functional utility, safety as well as feasibility. Architects design different structures including dwelling, apartments, airports, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, industrial complex, stadiums, shopping centers and commercial complexes. They provide professional services to individuals as well as organizations about new constructions as well as repairing and reformation work.

Customers come to architects with some idea about their project. However, they are unaware about its feasibility. Architects need to hit right balance between aesthetics and reasonableness. According to customers' ideas and requirements, architect starts drawing plans as per sizes, specification and cost of construction. At times, architects prepare models and graphics for presentations. After finishing plans and seeking client acceptance, architects obtain required approvals and permission form the concerned authorities to start construction.

After getting approval from local authority, the architects consult with building contractors, surveyors and engineers about the plan and then construction starts. Architecture work starts from planning and designing project up to raise. He is the one who has whole responsibility.

Architects work in team as well as individually. Now days, architects also deal with interior designing which emerging field with technical as well as creative skills. Now days demand for interior decorators are increasing.

Responsibilities of an architect are summarized as follows:

  • Confer project details like the objectives, requirements, and budget with clients.
  • Offer different services other than designing which include studying feasibility, studying environmental impact, site selection, identify the requirements the plan should meet.
  • Sketch plans and present thoughts to the client to appraisal;
  • Prepare finished building

    plans including its appearance as well as construction details.

  • Follow rules and regulations laid by local authorities including building policy, zoning rules, fire regulations, and other laws.
  • Make essential modification in plan at any developing stage.

Eligibility and Qualification for an Architecture Career:

There are various colleges and universities which offers professional degree courses in architecture. A full five year program in bachelors of architecture is offered to students from high school or without having architectural background. There is also two year masters program in architecture for those students ho have taken their degree in architecture. For students with degrees in disciplines other than architecture, there are three or four year program in masters of architecture.

In the United States, to provide architectural services, one must possess a license. Candidate must have taken architecture degree along with practical training to be eligible to apply for license. Also, one should have taken his degree from a school of architecture, which is accredited by National Architectural Accreditation Borard.

Generally, the professional degree in architecture must be from a school of architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). However, some states do not imply this criterion.

To become good architects, one should have good academic record especially in physics and mathematics. Other qualities that should possess to be an architect include creativity, good imagination power, technically profound, good mathematical as well as statistical skill, perceptive outlook, social as well as environment awareness. Along with this, one should understand legal language, designing process, building finances and cost evaluation. It is also anticipated that architects should be hard-working, physically fit, flexible, patient, good team player, accountable and responsible along with good communication skills.

Job Prospects in Architecture Career:

There are numerous job opportunities are available in the architecture field. Most of the architects work individually. Also, architects work in private firms, Universities, institutes and government organizations. In such organizations, architects are needed not only for designing, but also for planning, exhibiting or teaching work. Most of the architect firms have fewer employees not more than five. Almost 20% architects are self-employed. It is expected that job prospects in the architecture field to grow faster than average in next seven to eight years. Though there is competition for potential architects, but the one who is creative can stand alone.

Remuneration in Architecture Career:

In architecture career, annual average salary is $66,250. However, entry-level architects have less salary. There are many architects who are earning well through self-employment. People looks towards architects that they describe modern ways of living as well as working. Architecture field provides various careers to expand modern ways of using old structure and developing innovative ones. However, to be successful in architectural career, one needs to be technically solid, creative and imagination.

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