Architecture Colleges: List of Colleges that Have Architecture As a Major

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Published Aug 14, 2009

Colleges accredited to offer an Architecture curriculum are listed by the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB). If you want to enter the field of Architecture, you will need a professional degree, such as a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture degree, a professional internship and successful completion of a comprehensive licensing examination. Read on for information about Architecture majors and accredited colleges.

Details of Architecture Major Programs

An undergraduate bachelor's degree with a major in Architecture is usually a 4-year program that includes general education training and Architecture coursework but does not serve as a professional degree. A typical student will complete a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.A.) in Architecture program and then apply for entrance to a graduate Master of Architecture (M. Arch) program. This 4-year bachelor's program alone does not satisfy the requirements to sit for the licensing


Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) Degree

A Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree program is a curriculum that includes both liberal arts classes and professional-level architectural training. A B.Arch. degree is a 5-year professional degree in Architecture and was developed from older 5-year professional programs that awarded an M. Arch. degree. A B. Arch. degree prepares individuals for the licensing examination and satisfies the professional degree requirement for individuals to pursue a career as an architect. Such requirements are established by the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB),

A Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree curriculum is a graduate program requiring two to three years to complete. The 2-year version usually follows a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Architecture curriculum at the undergraduate level. Lengthier, 3-year programs are necessary for students who begin the graduate program with a B.A. or B.S. in a subject other than Architecture.

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