Competition architecture

competition architecture

Architectural Presentation Competition

Architectural Presentation Competition Are you ready?

Presenting your design project before a group of critics, Decision makers, Potential Clients, Students is often intimidating for the inexperienced.

Strong Architectural Presentations with effective graphics will give your presentation viewers an understanding view of your design project.

Hi! My name is Dori. Back in 1990, when I was studying Architecture, every presentation required hours of working, Planning, Scaling, Sketching, Drawing, Rendering.

Words like "sketching" or "rendering" did not have any connections to computers or softwares

We had to draw every architectural symbol by using our hands with Pen ink or Pencils, Manual Rendering.

We know how hard it is to create effective Architectural presentation board, it takes hours and the results are not always as you expected to be.

In order to create successful design

presentations you need to be a master in "Perspective rendering draws" or certified Graphic designer.

You can create Strong Architectural Presentations with effective graphics in minutes.

By using our beautiful symbols images libraries it is easy and fast.

Our libraries includes high quality architectural symbols images that created specially for Architectural presentations.

Cut out People

Cut out Trees

2d furniture colored symbols images for architectural floor plans layout drawings

Architectural Furniture Symbols Texture maps

Architects fonts.

These beautiful symbols images will help you to present your design projects with rich or minimalism color graphic.

Our images are available for Photoshop software and other graphic softwares like SketchUP, illustrator, Autodesk impression, Corel Draw and more.

Feel free to browse our website and learn more about our products

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