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ARCH 100 Architectural Foundations I An introductory design studio directed toward the development of spatial thinking and the skills necessary for the analysis and design of architectural space and form. This course is based on a series of exercises that include direct observation: drawing, analysis and representation of the surrounding world, and full-scale studies in the making of objects and the representation of object and space. Students are introduced to different descriptive and analytical media and techniques of representation to aid in the development of critical thought. These include freehand drawing, orthographic projection, paraline drawing, basic computer skills, and basic materials investigation. Prerequisite: Approval from the Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. LAB.

The class is not offered for the Spring 2015 semester.

ARCH 101 Architectural Foundations II A continuation of ARCH 100 with major emphasis on the design relationships among people, architectural space, and the environment. The course is based on a series of exercises leading to the understanding of architectural enclosure as mediating between people and the outside world. Issues of scale, light, proportion, rhythm, sequence, threshold, and enclosure are introduced in relation to the human body, as well as in relation to architectural form, environment, and social and psychological factors. Students will engage

in drawing, perspective projection, model building, and basic computer graphics. Prerequisite: ARCH 100. LAB.

The class is not offered for the Spring 2015 semester.

ARCH 103 Introduction to Architecture An introduction to the study and practice of architecture. This course aims at orienting the student to the various disciplinary facets which make up the total architectural curriculum as well as to the various professional roles which architects can be expected to perform. Architectural study is seen as both an art and a science, and architectural practice is seen as a complex, interdisciplinary professional activity. Presentations by guest lecturers are included. Discussions required for, and only open to, B.A. in Architectural Studies students. LEC.

ARCH 104 Principles of Modern Architecture A lecture course covering the emergence of technological, theoretical and aesthetic principles of modern design beginning with the socio-cultural impact of industrialization and the crisis in architecture at the end of the 19th century. Attention is given to functionalist theory, mechanical analogies and the so-called machine aesthetic of 1910-1930 and to the precedents of important design principles of modern architecture, including modular coordination, the open plan, interlocking universal space, unadorned geometry, structural integrity, programmatic and tectonic expression, efficiency and transparency and briefly explores their development in post-war and late 20th century examples. LEC.

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