Architecture animation

Architectural Animations

Using animations in designs these days is not new. Every day, more and more professional architects, builders and interior designers are using animation in presenting their projects to their clients. By doing so, they are giving a realistic view of what the design is going to be like. The clients will be able to imagine and feel the future of whatever task that is to be done. The use of animation enables the clients to see all of the designs in 3D views, as if looking at the real thing.

Architectural animation is also referred to as an architectural walk-through. It is a 3D animation made from a computer aided software and comes in a form of a short movie. This type of design gives a visualization of the entire design in 3D. It also comes with a project environment like walking people, moving cars as well as gardens and the like. In architectural animation, hundreds and even thousands of still photos are used. These still

images are then compiled, arranged and incorporated with movie effects in the mix, and the result will be very much like a work of a movie camera.

Architectural animation is a very popular method in presenting designs of residential homes and villas, commercial buildings, office spaces, hospitals and many more. Not only that, this kind of animation can be used by the landscapers as well. They can make use of 3D designs in presenting their projected plans for amusement parks and sports arenas. By using 3D animations, the customers will be able to get the atmosphere and the mood of what is going to come and rise in their lands.

The Use of Architectural Animations

2D drawings are good, but 3D is a way better. In 2D drawings, the clients will not able to look at the designs in different perspectives, which is not the case in 3D animations. This is why 3D is more sought after today as a mode of promotion than any other types of projections.

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