How Do I Get an Architecture Apprenticeship?

architecture apprenticeships

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Two general types of architecture apprenticeship programs exist: youth programs and professional programs. A youth architecture apprenticeship is reserved for candidates under a certain age, usually 18 years old, while professional apprenticeships are reserved for people who have completed a college education or candidates who are currently working on a degree in architecture or a related field. You will need to apply to the appropriate program by examining the application requirements carefully. Remember that these programs can be quite competitive, so any experience or education you can gain before you apply will improve your chances of acceptance.

Youth architecture apprenticeship programs will teach high school-aged youth the basics of architecture and design. These programs usually take place during the summer when school is not in session, and the skills an apprentice will learn will depend on several factors, including the apprentice's current level of education and experience. Youth internships are far less intensive than professional programs, and they may only

last several weeks; a professional architecture apprenticeship can last several years. Applying for a youth apprenticeship is not exceptionally complicated, but the candidate will need to research what materials are required for a complete application. You should expect to write an application essay to accompany other materials.

Professional apprenticeships will prepare a candidate for a career as an architect. In this case, an architecture apprenticeship is likely to be quite intensive, and the participant will learn the skills necessary to be successful in the field while working on real projects for an architectural firm. The apprentice will work under the direct guidance and supervision of a more experienced architect, and any work the apprentice does is subject to examination by superiors to ensure it is done properly and within the proper codes or regulations of local governing agencies or the company itself. To apply for an apprenticeship, you will need to research various firms that offer such positions and carefully research the application requirements.

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