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Movie:  the founder of architecture firm BIG explains his theory of "Worldcraft" – creating architecture that focuses on turning "surreal dreams into inhabitable space".

In a movie filmed for the Future of Storytelling summit, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels says that architecture needs to to more to allow the public to "transform their own environments", using the same principles as popular computer game Minecraft.

"More than a hundred million people populate Minecraft, where they can build their own worlds and inhabit them through play," says Ingels.

"These fictional worlds empower people with the tools to transform their own environments. This is what architecture ought to be," he says. "Architecture must become Worldcraft, the craft of making our world, where our knowledge and technology doesn't limit us but rather enables us to turn surreal dreams into inhabitable space. To turn fiction into fact."

The Future of Storytelling in an annual invitation-only event held in New York, featuring talks from a wide range of speakers on how stories are being used to shape the meaning of everyday life.

Ingels was among the speakers for the 2014 edition, which also featured Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti, Felix Barrett, artistic director of theatre company Punchdrunk. and Robert Wong, chief creative officer at Google Creative Lab.

"If documentary is to document our world as it already is, fiction is to fantasise about how it could be. In that sense, architecture is the fiction of the real world," claims Ingels in the movie. "Turning dreams into concrete reality with bricks and mortar. Architecture is the canvas for the stories of our lives."

Ingels' firm BIG is currently working on a number of high profile projects internationally – including a $2 billion (

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