German Art and Architecture

german architecture

German art has a rich tradition, both in the fine arts and in the large number of international art collections hosted by German museums. Art enthusiasts will indeed find many ways to spend their time while in Germany. Read our guide on German art and architecture and learn more.

German Art: Architecture

Lovers of art history and architecture will enjoy their time in Germany tremendously. The architectural heritage of Germany is of immense value

to archeologists, historians, and art lovers alike.

Sites, monuments and artworks protected by Germany’s heritage societies go back to Roman Antiquity. The city of Trier, for instance, includes impressive baths and the artful throne room of Emperor Constantine (ca. 280-337 AD). Germany has it all: the mostly sacral German art and architecture of the Middle Ages (e.g. the cathedrals of Worms and Freiburg), the flourishing Renaissance arts and Baroque splendor (e.g. the residences of Landshut and W

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