Architecture boat tour chicago

architecture boat tour chicago

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“CAF Walking Tour: a great way to see Chicago”

Reviewed July 15, 2012

We were members of the Chicago Architecture Foundation for a year and took several walking tours. Here I'll review my two favorites.

First, if you can do it, do the L tour. I am a life-long Chicagoan (ok, actually, from suburbs, but I still consider Chicago my city) but I still learned a lot on the L tour that I did not know before. It's an entirely different view of the city. There is one stop that has been intentionally left without updating to reflect what it would have looked like in the early years of the L; I had blown past it on the train without ever getting off to notice it. I also love when they take you out on a bridge over the tracks along Wabash. I have a great picture looking down the tracks with the

new Trump building in the background.

Another of my favorites is the tour of Marshall Fields, a.k.a. Macy's. Note that the building still says Marshall Fields in one place on the exterior, because it is an historic building and they can't change it. I have shopped in this store many times but never looked up to notice the Tiffany ceiling nor did I note that it is actually four buildings combined, one of which has a very different architectural style.

The docents are volunteers who love Chicago architecture, and I have found them to be knowledgeable and personable. The tours are not difficult walks; guides work to control the pace, and when the weather is unpleasant, they duck in and out of buildings to good advantage so you can warm up or cool down, depending.

Be sure to look at the 3-d Chicago model off their store on Michigan Avenue.

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