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Course overview

The extended degree route provides an intensive preparatory or 'Foundation' year prior to progression onto the BA Architecture (RIBA Part 1) or BA Interior Architecture and Design The Cass. This initial year introduces a broad range of design skills and techniques and outlines ways of thinking about design and the ideas that inform Architecture and Interior Design. Students who successfully complete the course have a substantial portfolio of high quality work and progress onto the Level 4 of a degree in either Architecture, Interior Architecture or Interior Design within the Faculty.

Your Learning

You will undertake diverse and challenging projects that develop your skills and knowledge through drawing, photography, film, model making and installations. This helps you to establish your design focus and to learn relevant technical skills as well as an exciting and imaginative approach to design and culture today. We aim to enable you to develop your own potential and a portfolio of work to enable direct progression onto one of the degree routes.

Course structure

The year 0 course of the Extended Degree is made up of four modules, covering all areas relevant to the study of the spatial disciplines study at introductory level.

There are two design modules which run all year:

AA3001 Project

The Project module consists of design assignments which are resolved by implementing the techniques acquired throughout the course.

AA3002 Techniques

Techniques is

a skill development module, which aims to familiarise students with a wide variety of modes of making and representation.

The two design related modules are delivered through workshops and individual tutorials.

There are further two subject-related modules, running on a separate day:

AA3003 Workbook

Workbook aims to advance your research and interpretation skills by providing a format for reflection and critical thinking required for the advancement of design work.

CP3010 Critical and Contextual Studies: Foundation

This module aims to introduce themes and ideas to your work which are commonly help to be conducive to the deeper understanding of contemporary practice.

Both subject related modules also aim to advance the study and presentation skills required at higher levels of the course.

Completion of all four modules with a pass grade will lead to automatic progression onto the Year 1 of the BA course of your choice within the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design.

There are two main types of assessing your work. One is coursework, which is handed in in form of an annotated workbook. This document contains evidence of your work processes, reflective work practice and growing awareness of the cultural context of the discipline.

The other main submission is the design portfolio, which contains evidence of the development of subject-specific making and representation skills The portfolio is typically a collection of A1 sheets relating to design process and resolution.

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