Interior Architect Jobs

Interior architects can perform a wide range of duties while on the job site or in the office. Most interior architects split their time up between the two locations. There are also many other job opportunities for interior architects who have gained the required degree, yet wish to enter into a different field. Utilize this article to learn about the various interior architect jobs available worldwide.

It’s also important to remember that students who participate in internships during their study years gain better knowledge and skills when it comes to applying lessons learned in the classroom to actual work. Many interns join the company where they interned once they have graduated and completed the educational, examination and licensure requirements set by their State.

Interior Architect Related Jobs

Many of the new graduates from architecture design schools go to work for specialized firms, while some work for residential or nonresidential building construction agencies. Others go to work for the government, taking jobs in bureaus that deal with the development of housing and communities. The traditional professions of an interior architect include:

  • Architect
  • Construction Manager
  • Industrial Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Urban Planner and Developer
  • Interior Architecture Expert

Other related jobs can include:

  • Principal or professor in an architectural design school
  • Architecture critic
  • Architecture photographer
  • Real estate project manager
  • Civil engineering

Interior Architect Salary

New graduates who enter the field of interior architecture at entry-level, earn an estimated $40,000 per year. However, depending on various things such as an individuals education levels, experience, licenses, employment history and employment location can determine whether or not an interior architect is making more or less than the average median wage. Also, depending on an individual’s flexibility, he or she may consider going into business for his or herself, where salaries have the potential of being much more per year. Being employed by a company versus self-employment has its benefits, as well as its drawbacks. One benefit to being your own boss is utilizing your creativeness, unique designs, and intelligence to complete a project. However, one downside to being your own boss,  is lacking the expertise of interior architects who have been around longer, have more connections and a bigger client base. When you are self-employed you rely heavily

on yourself to complete the project, which turns into long hours and a decreased amount of pay hourly.

Interior Architect Job Outlook

Employment opportunities are expected to increase as the demand for interior design increases worldwide. Interior architects design the indoor space of restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, offices, and more. Plus, with the amount of interior architects who are retiring from the profession, there are more jobs and positions that will open up. Salaries for entry-level individuals average $40,000 per year; however salaries are known to range due to things such as experience, licenses, education and employment.

Interior architects are also capable of joining companies or starting their own companies. Interior architect students who focused on networking and building a clientele while in school may have an easier time starting up their own practice. Still, interior designers and interior architects have a decent outlook for the future, as experts believe job growth will grow approximately 26% over the course of the next decade. Green architecture is growing in popularity, as building owners and clients want to erect structures that are environmentally-friendly inside and out.

HGTV Episode 2010

During a 2010 episode of ‘First Time Design’ on the HGTV network a brand new interior architect scored her first clients, a young couple with an 8 year old son. The project was to turn the boring, useless garage into an entertainment room for the family. During the first interview, the interior architect needs to be prepared with rough drafts of ideas. Every architect’s goal during the initial meeting with a client is to clearly explain their vision, turning concepts into building images. Interior architects also need to be energetic, friendly, outgoing and easy to work with.

The interior architect in this episode brought her wonderful personality to the first meeting with her clients. However, that’s pretty much all she brought. She had a few sketches on paper, however, her images were very basic, uncolored, and lacking depth. It looked as if she spent 10 minutes on the drawings and designs. Fortunately, her clients had never hired an interior architect before, so didn’t know what to expect.

She was given three days to complete the task, following her clients budget she seemed unmotivated according to her ‘designer mentor’ on the show. Interior architects must make difficult decisions quickly. Colors, fabrics, textures, styles of furniture and arrangement of furniture are all decisions that must be made in a timely manner. It’s very important that the initial vision matches the finished project.

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