Architecture book

architecture book

A Designer's Library of Architecture on CD-ROM The Great Buildings Collection — Multimedia CD-ROM of World Architecture, by Kevin Matthews and the Design Integration Laboratory. Artifice, July 1999, $149.95. ISBN 0-9667098-4-5. The definitive Architecture encyclopedia on CD-ROM. Dual platform for both Windows and Macintosh. More than 750 great buildings and hundreds of architects from around the world and across history, with literally thousands of photos, thousands of drawings, dozens of digital video clips, and hundreds of live 3D walkthrough building models. Available now for online ordering at and at which can usually ship overnight from stock.

On Architecture and Design in General Howard Davis. The Culture of Building. Oxford University Press, October 1999. ISBN 0-1951-1294-6. — This insightful new book (by a major Great Buildings contributor) provides a rich, humane, and cogent perspective on the cultural ecology of building and design. Available at

Hugh Pearman. Contemporary World Architecture. London: Phaidon Press Inc. September, 1998. ISBN 0-7148-3743-1. An elegant and impressive survey of recent architecture around the world, with good design and beautiful photos. Available at

John Julius Norwich, ed. The World Atlas of Architecture. New York: Portland House, 1988. ISBN 0-517-66875-0. Reprint edition: Da Capo Press, April 1991. ISBN 0-3068-0436-0. An accessible, inspiring and informative overview of world architecture, with lots of full-color cutaway drawings, and clear explanations. Available at

Roger H. Clark and Michael Pause. Precedents in Architecture. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1985. Diagrammatic graphic analysis of dozens of great buildings. Available at Architectural Design and Digital Media Rendering Real & Imagined Buildings. The Art of Computer Modeling. B. J. Novitski. Rockport Pub. Book and CD-ROM edition, January 1999. ISBN 1-5649-6511-2. A treat for the eye and more - An inspiring pictorial survey of the state of the art, covering a wide range of applications, goals, and approaches. And in the seemingly modest text between the impressive pictures, there are dozens of really instructive stories, too. Available Now at

Digital Architecture. Turn Vision into Virtual Reality with 3D Graphics Hardware, Software, Tips, and Techniques from 50 Top Designers. Mohammed Saleh Uddin. McGraw Hill, April 1999. ISBN 0070658145. Highly reviewed by readers at Available Now at

Abstracting Craft. The Practiced Digital Hand. Malcolm McCullough. MIT Press, Reprint edition, September 1998. ISBN 0-2626-3189-X. A thoughful, searching, and important essay on the place of traditional aesthetic and craft values in the new world of digital media. Available at

Digital Design Media. William J. Mitchell, Malcolm McCullough. John Wiley & Sons, Paperback 2nd edition, December 1997. ISBN 0-4712-8666-4. Far and away the best available overview of processes, technologies, and key concepts in digital design media. Sophisticated but approachable, elegantly illustrated so concepts make sense. Available at

Sight, Sound, Motion. Applied Media Aesthetics. Herbert Zettl. Wadsworth Publishing Company, Hardcover - 408 pages 2nd edition, May 1990. ISBN 0534079520. It's not primarily about either architecture or digital media. But this book for film makers treats the functional and emotional aesthetics of how to see, move, and present with more detail and depth than I've ever seen in a university school of architecture. Available at Architectural History Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. London: The Butterworth Group, 1987. ISBN 0-408-01587-X. LC 86-31761. NA200.F63 1987. The classic text of architectural history. Expanded 1996 edition available at

William S. Saunders. Modern Architecture—Photographs by Ezra Stoller. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Publishers, 1990. ISBN 0-8109-3816-2. Master photographs of the modern classics. Beautiful, out of print, but you can place a search request for this book at

Marcus Whiffen and Frederick Koeper. American Architecture, 1860-1976. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1984. An excellent survey of American architecture, both thoughtful and enjoyable. Reprint Edition available at

Sally Woodbridge, ed. Bay Area Houses. Salt Lake City: Gibbs-Smith Publisher, 1988. ISBN 0-87905-306-2. NA 7235.C22S353. A wonderful classic book, sadly out of print, but you can request a search at Design and Construction Edward R. Ford. The Details of Modern Architecture (Volume 1). Cambridge, MA: The

MIT Press, 1990. ISBN 0-262-06121-X. LC 89-31772. NA2840.F67 1989. Highly recommended for serious observers, and available at

Edward R. Ford. The Details of Modern Architecture. 1928-1988 (Volume 2). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, August 1996. ISBN 0-2620-6185-6. Volume Two with more recent buildings! Available at Selected Books on Individual Architects Alvar Aalto

Karl Fleig (Editor). Alvar Aalto. The Complete Works/Das Gesamtwerk/L'Oeuvre. Artemis-Aidc, August 1992. ISBN 3-7608-8058-4. The definite complete works of Aalto. Available at

Goran Schildt. Alvar Aalto: The Complete Catalogue of Architecture, Design & Art. New York: John Wiley & Sons, November 1996. ISBN 1-8549-0385-3. A comprehensive guide to the complete works of Aalto by his definitive biographer. Available at

Tadao Ando

Francesco Dal Co (Editor). Tadao Ando. Complete Works. Phaidon, April 1998. ISBN 0-7148-3717-2. Available at

Gunter Behnisch

Dominique Gauzin-Muller, Flora Fischer (Translator), Gunter Behnisch (Photographer). Behnisch & Partners. 50 Years of Architecture. Academy Editions, January 1998. ISBN 0-4719-7746-2. Available at

Frank Gehry

Kurt W. Forster, Hadley Soutter Arnold, Francesco Dal Co. Frank O. Gehry. The Complete Works. Monacelli Press, September 1998. ISBN 1-8852-5463-6. A beautiful book with multiple Five Star reviews from readers. Available at

Louis Kahn

Heinz Ronner, Sharad Jhaveri. Louis I. Kahn. Birkhauser Verlag, August 1996. ISBN 3-7643-1347-1. The definitive complete works of Louis Kahn, in one large Kahn-style volume. Available at

Pierre Koenig - California Modernist

James Steele, David Jenkins. Pierre Koenig. London: Phaidon Press Limited, 1998. ISBN 0-7148-3753-9. Elegant, inspiring, and comprehensive on Koenig. Beautiful photographs! Available at

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier: Complete Works. Germany: Birkhauser Verlag, August 1996. ISBN 3-7643-5515-8. Boxed set of 8 Volumes, 1708 pages. The definitive complete works of Le Corbusier. Available at

Bernard Maybeck

Sally B. Woodbridge, Richard Barnes (Photographer). Bernard Maybeck. Visionary Architect. Abbeville Press, Inc. August 1996. ISBN 0-7892-0132-1. beautful photographs of beautifully designed and crafted buildings. Available at

Oscar Niemeyer

David Underwood. Oscar Niemeyer and the Architecture of Brazil. Rizzoli Publications, December 1994. ISBN 0-8478-1687-7. Available at

Renzo Piano

Peter Buchanan. Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Complete Works Volume Two. Phaidon, May 1995. ISBN 0-7148-2859-9. Another beautiful book documenting more of Piano's beautiful buildings. Available at

Renzo Piano. Renzo Piano and Building Workshop. Buildings and Projects, 1971-1989. ISBN 0847811522 A beautiful book documenting beautiful modern buildings. Out of print, but you can place a search order at

H. H. Richardson

Jeffery Karl Ochsner. H. H. Richardson. Complete Architectural Works. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1982. 1984 Edition available at

Mies Van Der Rohe

Werner Blaser. Mies Van Der Rohe. Birkhauser, May 1997. ISBN 3-7643-5619-7. Available at

Franz Schulze. Mies Van Der Rohe. A Critical Biography. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, September 1995. ISBN 0-2267-4060-9. Available at

Frank Lloyd Wright

William Allin Storrer. The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1993. ISBN 0-226-77624-7. LC 93-30127. NA737.W7A4 1993. Probably the definitive catalog of all of Wright's built projects. Available at

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Books by Architects

Le Corbusier. Towards a New Architecture. London: Dover Publications, February 1986. ISBN 0-4862-5023-7. Corbu's own historic architectural manifesto from the very beginning of the Modern era in architecture, reprinted by Dover. Available at Books on Specific Buildings Robert McCarter. Fallingwater. Frank Lloyd Wright (Architecture in Detail). London: Phaidon/Chronicle Books, October 1994. ISBN 0-7148-2995-1. Available at

James MacAulay. Hill House. Charles Rennie MacKintosh (Architecture in Detail). London: Phaidon/Chronicle Books, July 1994. ISBN 0-7148-2780-0. Available at

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