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  Stunning Modern Architecture Design with White Wall

In the outdoor space of this house is completed with ground pool design ideas. The pool design is decorated with modern minimalist style and the pool coping is using concrete material. In the pool edging is decorated with green landscaping edging and it looks so natural. The interior design of this house is also using wonderful style. The interior design of this house is using wooden floor design and the wall interior is using white wall color design ideas. The staircase design of this house is decorated with wooden material and finished in modern design. Well, in the bathroom design of this house is decorated with modern style. The bathroom design is using modern bathroom vanity that made from wooden material. The shower room in this bathroom also using modern style with glass door design ideas…

  Wonderful Modern Architecture Design for Home

When you want to feel comfort in your home of course you have to pay attention with the design, in this modern era perhaps you can choose modern architecture design to your home. With using modern home design you will get the different comfort and you can also get the unforgettable moment in your home…

  Modern Wooden Home with Ultra Cozy Vibe

Beautiful Modern Wooden Home Creating Openness with Nature – The perfect natural landscape is not enough to make this beautiful home truly comfortable to live in. As you can see, the designing has done an excellent job to create the openness between indoors and outdoors, thus the interior can be extremely cozy and perfect for a family to live. The connection for this modern wooden home is brilliantly done by employing the transparent glass element generously. You can see from this corner that allows its wall space is fully made of glass. This way, the fresh color splash of the forest and lake can be integrated indoors as well…

  Wonderful Modern Luxury House Design: The Hilltop House

The design of the modern luxurious living room is the other part of this perfect modern style home design that will able to give you the picture of the luxury that developed in this house. There is a nice elegant brown colored modern style sofa design that supported by two chairs in the identical model and combined with luxurious glass table.

  Fancy Sleek Home Designs that Comes with Functional Idea

Lounge room inside the house interior design appears to be the most fascinating room inside the house. Furnished with the fireplace design, this lounge room idea looks more elegant. Besides that, the house interior design will feel warmer when the winter time because of the fireplace idea that controls the temperature inside this house with sleek sofa designs idea.

  Creative Rope Decoration Design with Functional Idea Smartly Applied

Decorative Rope Braiding – Versatile function of the rope makes it very

functional. We can make the vertical garden design using this fascinating rope idea. It is completed with the rope design that is stacked to the vase design. Then the vase is hung up on the ceiling. This will be the cleverest idea in decorating house interior using the rope design idea. Our house will be equipped with the lovely small garden design that will give us fresh air quality inside the house interior…

  Living Room Interior with Orange Accents as Eye-Catching Decorations

Living Room Interior of Cooking and Aining Area – It is so please to examine a spotless cooking area where the white represents the hygienic room to dish the meal. This sharing living room interior design conveys the modern kitchen and modest dining space. Minimalist living room interior complies with black and white scheme scene. Orange decor tells the eyes to look at the undefined item within the glass display on the white wall. It is one of the continuous living room interior decorating ideas in this house…

  Epic Modern Beach House with Tropical Touch

Living in modern beach house and decorated with tropical touch it will be interesting. Maybe you can also design your home with using modern home design and you also are able to complete with tropical touch. Like in this home design review, the beach house is looks so powerful when the exterior design of this house is decorated with white wall color design.

  Wonderful Small House Design for Your Brilliant Inspiration

The other wonderful space with minimalist concept is beautiful working space by using the wall as the place to be cabinet and storage space. Even it is designed as the wall divider where the room looks little bit crowded with some files and document of your job desk. For some space, beautiful bunk bed with the living room for the space underneath gives us great inspiration for saving some space in our minimalist room. How is it? We are certain about the small house design interior can help you to design your small space.

  Modern Residence Designs in a Magnificent White Lozenge Structure

Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira has impressively shaped modern residence designs for a project called the Fez House. An extraordinary structure was particularly designed for this residence so called the lozenge structure. Yes, the residence stands vigorously in Portugal with a very enchanting lozenge shape, while white appears as the main hue for the whole part both exterior and interior. Surrounded by lovely green lawn and an abundance of trees, this sophisticated house obviously becomes one of the best modern design prototype. For every contemporary design enthusiast this design will be very tempting as a new reference…

  Black Exterior Paint for House among Tall Trees and Natural Vegetation

House with black exterior paint is attractive and won’t be stained easily. It is also blend well with the nature because of its dark-neutral color. Red Hill Residence is also built in black exterior paint colors. It is situated in Mornington Peninsula, at the south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This residence is located in the forest filled with tall trees. Its surrounding is still natural and green. A lot of bushes and vegetation surround this house. Let’s get closer to know more about this house!

  Exceptional Modern Home Design: The House in Aroeira

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