Modern architecture house design

modern architecture house design

30 Best Modern House Architecture Designs

Modern architecture is impressive and in majority of cases tries to combine the nature beauty (imperfect stones, trees, wavy hills) with the existing human made materials. Imagination is the limit and you’ll see below amazing homes that defies the laws of physics. Beyond the unique exterior shape an architect gives to a modern house. it’s imperative to think about the safety and purpose of the building. Sometimes you may wonder what was he thinking about when designing such a house but you’ll understand shortly when reading a review or an interview with the designer.

I think in everyone’s life at least one time we had in mind a dream house. And this

idea went live for the first time in our childhood when we drew houses with straight lines, near a lake or a forest with birds flying in the sky and the sun placed in the top right corner. Now with the modern concepts and great architects we can create the dream house. To achieve this goal you have to consider investing a lot of time and money but it should worth the effort.

These modern and luxury house designs presented below should inspire and give you a new perspective of the modern architecture. Pay attention to the details and enjoy the view.

Modern House Architecture

H.2 Residence by 314 Architecture Studio

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