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I don't normally review but since the only other review is by a member who gave both versions of this program 5 stars and hasn't reviewed anything else, methinks a bit of balance is required, (even the demo & help videos are the same!)

Draws pretty decent plans once you get used to it.


Too many to mention. Oh go on then see below.


Other than the already mentioned ridiculous price and rebranding, where shall I start?

This program nearly grinds to a halt on my i7 computer when drawing a standard British two storey semi and certainly doesn't convert to .dfx or .dwg without missing lots of elements out.

The tutorial videos are without sound and poor resolution so it's often difficult to follow the mouse pointer as it moves around choosing the options you need to perform a task.

Elements constructed in one scale sometime resize randomly when changing the viewing/printing scale so that front door suddenly becomes 20

foot wide when you print to A4. I know people will say that it's not for printing to such small paper but I refuse to waste materials by printing everything on my A0 plotter.

The more the complexity of the drawing, the longer it takes to load, respond, redraw, send to printer which is only to be expected but it sometimes sits there for 5-10mins before responding to a command even on my powerful PC.

When you want to export to .dwg or .dfx format the resultant file shows many of the constructional elements are missing making the file useless. If this feature did work, it would be nice to be able to convert to .pdf too.

The available windows and doors are only wooden or metal as obviously this program was written before 1835 when uPVC was first discovered.

Not worth the money, the Ashampoo version gives you a 30 trial not the useless 5 day trial above if you can stand the torrent of marketing emails for their other products.

I could go on but I'm bored now, if any 0ne from either Ashampoo or Creative Amadeo wants to rebut any of these point I am more than happy to fly over and discuss them as soon as they book me my tickets!

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