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An all inclusive and informative website for real designers, architects and architecture students alike seeking the best of the best. Please spread the word about this architectural project.

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Architecture and Design Courses:  Under the "Learn" tab you will have access to Free Online Architecture Courses  that talk about history, theory and concepts in architecture. New courses are added almost everyday.Our architectural team members are volunteer architects and designers who have worked together to take this online distance course project to new heights in its relatively short life. This project includes wonderfully talented people that are working to take "Open Learning" concepts to the forefront of industry standards.

Design A Complete House:   Under the "Design" tab, you will have access to courses that discuss design. After learning the basics you can start designing. Included in this course set is information for those who want to design their own home, and for architecture students who want to understand the process of designing a house. A complete set of home design tutorials are now available that explains everything you need to know about home design.

Home Building Guide: How to Build a House. Under the "Build" tab you will have access to courses about home building, construction, permits and sustainability. Here you will learn about building a home and how to build your own house. Basic and advanced lessons on wood-frame design and home building.

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Special Guide for Prospective Architecture Students

If you are planning to study architecture, you should know what you are getting into. Here is a complete

architectural guide about architecture in general, about how to become an architect, about architecture education, about architecture professors, about architect internship and about architecture schools Details:  Guide for Prospective Architecture Students

Registration Information

Learn how to register for the first fully accredited online architecture degree. Most importantly, our proven methods explain how to get accepted into this program, which is otherwise extremely difficult to get into. We put our reputation on this. Details: Onli ne Architecture Degree

History and Theory of Architecture

Our History and Theory of Architecture Courses are derived from architectural universities that have long-standing international reputations. This course of studies is enriched by contribution of distinguished visitors, which have included architects, theoreticians, and historians. These collection of architecture history courses are about the history of architecture which traces the changes in the history of architecture through various countries and dates. The study of architecture history is an important element in the architectural education. Details:  History and Theory of Architecture Tutorial

Architectural Technology Tutorial

Structures and architectural technology continue to change. If you are an architecture student, the Architectural Technology courses here should help you with your studies. If you are an architect who wants to update his knowledge, or a building technologist/designer, or someone considering a career in the architectural field these courses prepare you to work as a team member with architects, engineers, designers and project managers to design living and working environments. Details:  Architectural Technology Tutorials

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