Organic architecture

organic architecture

Organic: shapes, methods and patterns modeled after those found in living systems. When applied to architecture. the results can be interesting at least, mesmerizing at best and are always a challenge for designers and builders alike. These 12 examples of organic architecture showcase some of the ways designers transform a lot by learning to bend a little.

(image via: Eikongraphia )

Architect and visionary Robert Bruno has been

building his organic, fantastic, metallic Steel House since 1974. Overlooking a cliff near Lubbock, Texas, the huge structure has grown from a spindly metal tripod of beams to a massive accumulation of rusted steel – 110 tons at last word! Much like an actual living being, Bruno’s house continues to grow and evolve.

(image via: Robert Bruno )

Above is a full view of the house, which strikes some as influenced by the Spanish surrealist artists Antoni Gaud

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