Origami architecture

origami architecture

Left to right: Sea Bottom Palace; Stairs to Paradise A; Wing; ZigZag; Circle in Sphere

Left to right: Louvre; Butterfly; Piano; Sphere; Tunnel

  • Ingrid Siliakus. of the Netherlands, has four amazing OA pages and I recommend a visit to each of them. Ingrid is an incredible OA'er and her original designs are simply beautiful. Ingrid's first OA page describes what OA means to her and she has provided quite a few pictures of her cards made from various pattern books. Her M. C. Escher page features incredible original designs inspired by the works of Escher. Her third page features cards made from her original designs of various buildings in Amsterdam. Ingrid has published a pattern book titled "From Building To Card" and you can read all about it on this page. It is a great pattern book to add to your collection!!
  • Taviori. Romanian site with some incredible original designs. The designs are presented in a beautiful web site that is very easy to navigate. Tavi and Catalina's site is a must see and you'll be impressed with their creative OA.
  • Pop-up Books International Pop-up Gallery. An amazing collection of pop-ups from around the world presented by Robert Subuda. See works from Canada, Columbia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. To view the gallery simply click on "pop-up gallery" in the blue box on the main page. Highly recommended!!
  • Marivi's Origamic Architecture - Maria Victoria Garrido. Very well done site features numerous pictures of Marivi's original work. She has also been kind enough to include printable patterns and tutorials for each card. Marivi is now offering her beautiful patterns on CD and they are available for purchase on her website. Marivi is a prolific designer and a collection of her patterns is a must for any serious OA'er. OA materials and link pages are also included on this great site.
  • Vanessa's Origamic Architecture - Vanessa Pignocchi. This site features more patterns by Maria Victoria Garrido to download, Vanessa is Maria's daughter.
  • Jagoda's Origamic Architecture. Jagoda Djuran's excellent site has pictures of 16 original designs, a pattern to download and some links. The gallery of Jagoda's designing and cutting skills is well worth

    your time. Very impressive original designs.

  • Origamic Architecture - Andrew Crawford @ Evermore. A great resource for information about OA and OA pattern books. Also features quite a few images of Andrew's work and some links. You can also print out patterns of Andrew's original works.
  • Hilltop Studios : This is the commercial site of OA designer Chris Hankinson. Even if you're not interested in buying a card, you'll enjoy looking at Chris' wonderful original OA designs.
  • Le site de Baud et Bui : This great site features OA as well as other hobby/craft projects. Click on "paper ideas" and then on "origamic architecture" to download 24 original patterns by Mr. Rene Bui. I've cut 17 of Rene's patterns and they are a lot of fun to make.
  • Willem's Origamic Architecture. This site features original designs and patterns you can download. It also features pictures, OA instructions, tips about designing your own OA projects and links to other OA sites.
  • Madga Jonikas' Origamic Architecture. This site features some very unique original OA designs by Ms Jonikas.
  • origami.no. Alex Husdal has put together a very nice site that is well worth a visit. Her site includes resources for obtaining OA and origami pattern books (she even provides tips on ordering the books on-line), a links page and OA images.
  • Origamic Architecture: 3-D Pop-up Papercraft - K. Selena Kim. Excellent site with a wealth of OA information and images. Selena is a very talented OA'er and is a master of dry/wet embossing which adds a nice finishing touch to her well executed pop-ups.
  • Origamis Luiz Naveda. The amazing OA site of Brazilian artist Luiz Alberto Bavaresco. His site, currently in Portuguese only. features numerous images of his work. a history of his involvement with OA and links to other OA related sites.

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