Finding Part 1 Architecture Jobs

part 1 architecture jobs

You have probably seen many postings online for various architectural jobs on the Internet, such as part 1 architecture jobs, architecture jobs Australia, and architecture jobs in India

This is because the need for qualified architects continues to rise, which means the more skill you have, the better your chances of landing a great job. The nice aspect to architecture is you can continually improve your skills, which in the end means more opportunities for you to work in many different areas of the world. Many architects do work in one country for a season and them move to another country, so the skills are needed globally.

What is Part 1 Architecture?

As you complete your schooling for architecture you begin your career at Part 1 and then you can move into Part 2 and Part 3 with more education. There are many jobs for those at the Part 1 level and it helps to know where to look for these architectural positions because it gives you a head start in your career above those that are simply waiting for word of mouth. Part 1 design positions can be found in the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. The trick of course is knowing where to find architects work, which is where the Internet makes the best sense because you can search several different countries at the same in just a matter of a few minutes.

The Internet has given you and everyone else the ability to locate positions quickly, though many times, if you sign up with a site that promises the moon, but only lists old positions, the site is definitely useless to you. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure you are signed up with a reputable site that lists fresh positions, because then you can begin sending your resume or CV out and make the most of your time. It is best to apply for each position individually rather than using a blasting service since these fail to get the best results, yet can cost you quite a bit of money.

Your CV or Resume

The first thing you need to do when hunting for part 1 architecture jobs is to make certain you have a professional resume of CV. The United States uses the resume, so if you are in the US and looking for positions in the UK or Australia, you might

want to have a CV professionally made for you because there are several difference to the CV than the resume, that way you are prepared and can send you CV to numerous postings.

It is important to remember that others looking for part 1 architecture work may very well have professional CV's and this gives them a head start over you because recruiters and employers look through dozens of CV's each day, which is why you want yours as professional as possible so it stands out to the person reading it.

Additionally, you should have a portfolio of your various designs and work to readily show potential employers because most will want to see something you have completed, even if the actual building has not been built.

Ways to Improve your Skill Level

In the architectural field, improving your skill level will always make you stand out from the crowd. You need to make sure you are computer skilled with your designs, because this will cause you to qualify for more architect jobs . Regardless of your skill level, there are always way to improve upon it, for instance if you are at a Part 1, you can be working on your Part 2. This shows potential employers that you are ambitious and trying to improve your skills, which stands out from the crowd.

If you have been working in the field for a number of years and find yourself competing with the newer more computer-trained architects. It might be a good time to begin improving your computer skills, because in the end, it helps you become more competitive because you will have the work knowledge as well as the computer aspect of the profession, which makes you stand out.


You can find many openings for part 1 architecture jobs on because there are thousands of jobs posted on the site itself. There is also a FREE sign up trial today so you can begin finding your ideal job! Keep in mind, the ultimate job will not come to you, but this website gives you a way of searching tons of jobs in your current field or architecture.

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