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The Department of Architecture offers fully-accredited professional degree programs in Architecture (B. Arch. and M.Arch.) and Interior Architecture (B.I. Arch. and M.I.Arch) by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and the Council for Interior Design (CIDA) respectively, and is home to more than 700 students.  A new PhD program in Sustainability has been offered since 2011, and applications are now being accepted for 2015-2016 academic year. You can find more information on this program at Degree Programs/PhD in Architecture.

There are study abroad opportunities in Italy, Japan, Germany, Finland, and Denmark. For those wanting real-world building experience, designBridge is an interdisciplinary, student-run group in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts that provides design and design-build services for non-profit community organizations. Cultivating a forum for dialogue and networking opportunities between students and professionals practicing ecological and sustainable design, the student-led Ecological Design Center hosts the H.O.P.E.S. Holistic Opportunities for Planet Earth Sustainability Conference each spring. H.O.P.E.S. is the largest student led conference on sustainability in the world.

The Ecological Design Certificate and the Teaching Technology Certificate allow graduate students to earn additional recognition for acquiring specific

expertise. Programs and activities such as the urban architecture concentration located in Portland’s city center provide unique opportunities for focused study. Collaborations with other programs within the School of Architecture and Allied Arts provide opportunities to engage in explorations that involve landscape architecture, planning, historic preservation, product design, art, history of art and architecture, and arts administration.

The Department of Architecture offers minor concentrations in interior architecture and architecture studies. Interested students should contact the curriculum assistant in the department office for information and an application.

Undergraduate architecture and interior architecture majors may pursue a minor course of study. The School of Architecture and Allied Arts offers undergraduate minors in architecture, interior architecture, art history, fine and applied arts, historic preservation, landscape architecture, or planning, public policy and management. Graduate students may select a concentration of coursework from the school’s other graduate programs as well. Undergraduate architecture and interior architecture students often choose minors (and sometimes a double major) offered by other colleges and schools at the UO. The most popular are: business, international studies, music, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, dance, theater, ethnic studies and environmental studies.

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