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The Challenge with SharePoint Architecture

How you organize, classify, tag and share content is critical to how useful it is in your organization. That means your information architecture (IA) needs to be maintained and updated regularly so that your content is well organized, easily searched and relevant.

The thing is, SharePoint doesn't design itself -- you have to, and no matter how good the design, you aren't done. You have to manage and maintain your SharePoint Information Architecture and taxonomies on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately we came across a

tool (Architect) from MetaVis. The application suite of this product included a “Live Compare” feature. With this we were able to easily select one particular site in the left part of the screen, another site in the right screen, and then select the docbases that we wanted to compare. And then after clicking on the “Go and check the differences” button (it was actually titled “Compare Now”), we could see which documents were in the old location, and were not in the new location, and vice versa. This was great! And compared to manually comparing lists, was sooo much easier. - Mark J Owen, SharePoint enthusiast and blogger, Content Management in the Real World Blog

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