Software architecture training

software architecture training


Introduction: Learn Industry standard terminology of Architecture, the relationship among the core elements (Meta Architecture), and key benefits of doing Architecture.

Learn design and documenting the Architecture for various stake holders using views such as

Functional View: Subsystem interaction with external interfaces and internal structure.

Development View: Module Structures, Standardizing the design, testing and common processing

Deployment View: Learn techniques of estimating and deciding expected hardware, Network elements and third-party software and addressing software compatibility issues.

Operational View: Addressing production level troubleshooting, Monitoring and support issues in Architecture

Learn how to address system quality attributes such as

Performance. handling different types of performance issues, performance tactics, performance models that help assess the workload, help effectively diagnose performance issues and also provide inputs

to capacity planning.

Security. Learn techniques, processes to assess security needs of the system in terms Access Control, Accountability, Detection Recovery, apply Architectural Tactics to address Security Needs, find security solutions in terms of Technologies and Procedures.

Availability: Understand complex availability scenarios, assess platform and functional availability, and apply architectural tactics to improve availability.

Evolution (Updatability): Learn techniques to prioritize the evolution needs using magnitude, dimension and likelihood etc. Learn applying tactics to support evolution and the challenges and remedies of supporting evolution.

Architecture Models. Learn creating various Architectural Models using UML and other ad-hoc notations.

Patterns and Styles. understand the use and role of patterns and Styles in the Architecture, tweaking the pattern to achieve quality attributes requirements.

Architecture Process. Understand when and how the Architecture is designed.

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