about the studio

“I hang around architects mostly.  People that wanna make things as dope as possible.”  Kayne West

Make sure our clients love us when the project is over.  It’s amazing how easy our business decisions are when this is our primary goal.

Give clients all the information they need to make good decisions.  We’re not always certain what you should do, but we want to make sure that when you have to make decisions, we’ve given you all the information you need.  We don’t think most architects know how to do this.

Play Nice.  Treat our employees well.  Pick up after ourselves.  Leave things better than we found them.  Be grateful, compassionate, and gracious.  When we have a great idea that would help others, share it freely.  Help everyone get to the best idea.

Ask for Help.  Nothing we’ve ever done well was done alone.  Collaborate and seek the input of others.

Evolve.  History offers lessons and can inform.  But the solutions to TODAY’s problems are in front of us to discover, not behind us to nostalgically relive.  By all means, make beautiful trees, just be aware of the forest while you’re doing so; make sure

we raise our heads, find the horizon, and remember why our work is important and what we’re trying to accomplish.

“It’s not about the world of design.  It’s about the design of the world.”  Bruce Mau   Look for the design project in everything we do.  Everything is design.  Design can make everything better:  a detail, a piece of furniture, a room, a building, a block, a neighborhood, a city, a world.

We began the studio on June 1, 2004.  Working at first in our respective homes, downtown  Durham was our conference room.  We met frequently on the back porch at Fowler’s (now Parker and Otis) or in a bright corner at Blue Coffee Cafe.

Within a yea

r, we were able to rent a small, two-room office in the amazing Mutual Community Savings Bank building (now the Durham Hotel).  We still didn’t have a conference room, so the meetings at Blue Coffee and Fowler’s continued.  And when we had a good month, we’d treat ourselves to lunch at Rue Cler.

In 200

6 we hired our first employee, Will Rhodenhiser, and moved into an historic storefront in Five Points, and continued to grow the firm.

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