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study architecture online

These Free Videocasts and Online Classes Teach Architecture Facts & Skills

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"I want to self-educate myself on architecture," writes a visitor in our Discussion Forum. "Does anyone have suggestions on videocasts that I could watch that would be like watching and listening to a lecture?" The answer is YES!

Computers really have changed the way we study. Online courses and videocasts are a wonderful way to explore new ideas, pick up a skill, or enrich your understanding of a subject area. Some universities offer entire courses with lectures and resources, free of charge. Professors and architects also broadcast free lectures and tutorials on websites like Ted Talks and YouTube .

Log on from your home computer and you can see a demonstration of CAD software, hear prominent architects discuss sustainable development, or watch the construction of a geodesic dome. Participate in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and you can interact with other distance learners on discussion forums.

Can I earn an architecture degree online?

Sorry, no. Online study is fun and educational, but it won't lead to a degree in architecture. To prepare for a career in architecture, you'll need to participate in studio courses and workshops. Students who plan to become licensed architects work closely, in person, with their instructors. Although some types of college programs are available online, there is no reputable, accredited college or university that will grant a bachelors or masters degree in architecture solely on the basis of online study.

Use online classes and lectures to supplement your education and to familiarize yourself with difficult material. Your online study can help you build your skills,

move to the head of your class, or simply experience the joy of learning new things.

Where To Find Free Classes and Lectures

Visit these top-rated websites to find a network of teachers and students along with free lectures, activities, and projects.
  • Online College Courses in Architecture and Engineering Many universities post lectures, assignments, and other resources on the Web, where you can enjoy them, at no cost. The courses are the same ones offered matriculated students, but they do not usually offer a way to interact with the instructor or other students.
  • Ted Talks This online video collection is a wonderful source for lively lectures about architecture and design. The lectures are short, easy-to-understand, and absolutely free. Write architecture in the search box to find amazing videos like Architectural Inspiration: 8 Architects Talk and Architecture That Repairs Itself. Browse the Ted Talks website to find many more!
  • Open Education Database Search for courses and degrees in a variety of subject areas, including structural engineering, sustainability, and interior design. For learners of all levels.
  • Videos From the collection at, short videos on house styles, famous buildings, and home renovations. And yes, these are also free!

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