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Climate Action: Policy and Practice


Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability demands whole-systems understanding and interdisciplinary collaboration across architecture, design planning, economics, building engineering, and program construction management. It also demands that client goals, project site context, and sustainability targets be examined by the whole project team at the outset of the work. Our specialized sustainability consultants lead project teams experienced in integrated planning and building processes, utilizing the most effective techniques and technologies.

Our capabilities provide for a range of sustainable outcomes. Our strategic planners help local governments develop strategies to reduce their carbon footprints. Our economists inform a higher and more even quality of life for communities. Our environmental ecological planners conserve open space, protect biodiversity, restore habitat, support renewable energy development, and manage natural resources. Our masterplanners create inherently more sustainable communities by encouraging dense, mixed-use development correlated with mass transit, pedestrian connectivity, and open space. Our architects and building engineers deliver high-performance buildings tailored to their contexts. Our landscape architects and urban designers design low-impact landscapes. Our

program construction managers maintain and advance sustainable agendas as projects are implemented.

We have created and are using the Sustainable Systems Integration Model™ (SSIM™), which quantifies performance versus cost across a variety of sustainability indicators, addressing Water, Energy, Green-building, Economics, Transit, Society Culture, and Site Ecology, to determine the optimal sustainable development plan for communities and campuses.

It is in our total placemaking offer that we see the potential to do the most good. In a time of climate change, ecological degradation, resource scarcity, and socioeconomic disparity, we are positioned to create communities, environments and buildings that point in a low-carbon, environmentally responsible, socially equitable direction. Our colleagues in Water, Energy, Transportation and Environment deliver sustainable infrastructure to support these places.

Sustainability Services:

  • Climate action planning
  • High-performance buildings
  • Low-impact landscapes
  • Water Resources Planning
  • Renewable Energy Siting
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Land Use Planning
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Transit Line Siting
  • Sustainability Modeling

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