Architecture computer programs

architecture computer programs

Combined power and ease of use.

Discover a world where power and simplicity of use come together, blending completeness and accessibility for all. LiveCad links together technology, know-how and user-friendliness to bring to you the richest and most intuitive 3D architecture software.

3D Home Design by LiveCAD® : the solution for easily designing plans in line with regulatory standards, whilst benefitting from a range of professional tools to design, display, present and realise all your building projects!

In this brand new 3.2 version. discover an unequalled realism thanks to its new and even more powerful 3D engine. It also features an interface which is even more intuitive, an interior work wizard, materials manager, a smart project browser, and a catalogue with an even more complete range of objects.

3D Home Design by LiveCAD® : a true professional solution for all types of buildings!

2D/3D simultaneous plans :

2D plans with quotations, grid, 2D/3D simultaneous views

NEW. Import your digital plans. and use them to trace your work with automatic scaling !

Interior work and construction done directly in the 3D view

Editing the length of a wall with the numeric keypad: by using the wall's inside, outside or internal dimensions !

2D and 3D dynamic interior dimensioning

Variable wall depths

Draw rooms in just one operation

Indoor furnishing :

Choose among 1 000 000* 3D objects and textures for decorating and furnishing each room.

NEW. Tools for creating door openings in walls. design the shape and size of the openings yourself !

Preview zone for fixture/fittings while consulting the catalogue

Rapid creation of split levels and interior partitions

NEW. Advanced tools for creating staircases. whether it's a straight, L-shaped or spiral design you're looking for, you can create made-to-measure staircases of all types !

Creating beams, low walls and posts

Intuitive application of friezes, skirting boards, mouldings, cornices and a basement to fully customise all the rooms of your home

Creating mezzanines and balustrades is made easier, try out all of your ideas !

Materials pipette: quickly apply textures or materials to all the elements of your project

Personalise the placing of wall and floor coverings from various angles

Outdoor furnishing :

NEW. Design the garden of your dreams with the advanced terrain editing module**!

NEW. Create intuitive garage entrance slopes ** in just 2 clicks.

NEW. Catalogue complete with trees and plants - bring your projects to life !

Panoramic or hemispherical background for a more realistic 3D tour

Creating terraces and balconies

Use a range of advanced tools to modify the land area (areas of higher land, mounds, ditches, etc.)

NEW. Add a made-to-measure built-in swimming pool *, garden furniture, and more.


and roofs :

Manual and automatic roof creation with a single click

NEW. Install a mansard roof

Gable computation for an automatic roof

NEW. Skylight window module ***: dream up and design your skylight windows with the shape, size and openings to suit your project

Unlimited number of buildings and floors

ECOLOGY. Installation of solar roof panels

NEW. Fully customizable doors and windows ! (shapes, sizes, designs, types of openings)

Parameters can be set for hundreds of models of staircases, doors and windows compliant with US standards

Kitchens and bathrooms :

PRECISE. Design and furnish your future kitchen to the nearest inch. Whether it's a American style kitchen, a kitchenette or corner kitchen, every design is possible.

Hundreds of fixtures and fittings for bathrooms. sinks, mirrors, bidets, showers, straight and corner bathtubs, accessories etc

COMPLETE. Complete customization of all kitchen and bathroom elements, for a made-to-measure creation. (dimensions, handles, colour, etc.)

Photo-realistic 3D graphics :

PHOTO-REALISTIC IMAGES. Advanced 3D rendering tools using Raytrcing technology, for the most advanced photo-quality rendering for a consumer software

10 different 3D rendering modes in real-time

Export and printing of 2D plans

Printing 3D renderings

Real-time management for shadows. the type of lamp and the power of the lighting !

3D multi-camera mode, view your project from 4 different angles at the same time

Log renderings in image form

NEW. "Performance" mode for the 3D display

100% Simple and powerful :

An interior work wizard : automatically place objects on all surfaces (wall, floor, tables, etc.)

Extremely intuitive interface for fast handling

Smart project browser : make an inventory of your project's objects in an instant

Tracing tools (snap, grid) that are easy to use and produce high-precision results

Real-time 3D rendering so that you can see and check the current layout

Automatic help lines when creating rooms

Customise all the objects in a few clicks (dimensions, textures, etc.)

A compete materials manager for customising all of your interior (wood, fabrics, leather, etc.)

Discover 3D Architecture with the step-by-step illustrated guide enabling you to start using the software's immense capabilities straightaway

Internet follow-up :

Automatically update the software for FREE

Get to grips with the software easily thanks to the wide range of tutorial videos available

Access an online help and video tutorials

Stay connected to the Live Cad community thanks to the integrated Web browser!


Available disk space. 1,4GB

Graphics card: Nvidia® GeForce 6600 or Ati X1600 or 128MB equivalent

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