Textile architecture

textile architecture

Fabric Facades

The TEXO Panel System offers versatility and a modular composition that catapults textiles into the world of modern architecture and construction, with exciting results.

Imagine having the ability to work with textiles in a flat form, without the need for complicated and heavy structural framing, tensioning and fixing systems.

Imagine working with the most highly technical materials that have been designed to meet market needs yet continue to surprise clients with an ever-growing list of applications and benefits.

Architectural Textile Systems is proud to be a supplier of the revolutionary TEXO System of pre-stressed fabrics. The TEXO System of fabrics has a patented panel system that comprises an extruded aluminum frame & silicon elastomer that can be used on a wide variety of textiles to form flat pre-stressed and lightweight fabric panels.

TEXO Applications

• Cladding and facades

• Retrofitting and re-imaging older buildings

• Building sunscreens

• Building signage, graphics and branding

• Internal partitioning

• Ceiling panels: Acoustic and/or high translucent

• Exhibitions: Building, stands, etc

TEXO Panels are in a class of their own with regard to competitive pricing, versatility of panel sizes, arrangements and textile types. The list of benefits is long and includes features such as fast installation, corrosion

resistance, low maintenance and lightweight design, making TEXO Panels an ideal choice for modern textile architecture.

In addition to these benefits, architects are choosing TEXO Panels for their aesthetic look, ease of fabrication and installation, energy saving properties and changeability. Changeability offers the cost saving benefit of textiles being able to be replaced for low-cost rebranding or reimaging of a building.

TEXO In Use:

TEXO Panels are custom designed with the size of the component materials being the only factor affecting the sizes available: extrusions determine the length of the panels while the width is limited by the width of the textiles used and their transportability; a typical panel size is 2.5m x 13.5m.

The uses of TEXO panels are as endless as the array of technical and architectural textiles available.

Typical textiles and uses include:

PVC Coated Polyester Meshes: uses include shade panels, sunscreens, facades and printed screens

PVC Coated Polyester Fabric: uses include canopies/roofs, walls, facades and printed screens

ETFE: used for exterior panels

PVDF: uses include exterior/interior panels, luminous ceiling panels and high transmission of light

PTFE Coated Glass: uses include exterior/interior panels, luminous ceiling panels and high transmission of light

Silicone Coated Glass: uses include acoustic absorption, ceiling and interior panels

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