Wright architecture

wright architecture


In May 2014, SC Johnson unveiled a new exhibit called The Two Taliesins . showcasing the architecture of Wright’s two famous homes: Taliesin, in Spring Green, Wisconsin and Taliesin West, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The exhibit compares and contrasts how Wright incorporated his signature and revolutionary “organic” design concepts into his own homes, located in two very different landscapes and climates.

Visitors to The Two Taliesins will see artifacts from Wright’s Wisconsin and Arizona homes in displays that will simulate their natural settings and convey their significance to Wright’s Taliesin concept. A collection of rare photos and video will be displayed showing Wright at home. Guests will also learn about the central role that color played in Wright’s designs

of the Taliesins.

The Gallery. housed in the award-winning Fortaleza Hall designed by Fosters + Partners on SC Johnson’s campus, is also home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Research Library that features a rotating selection of Wright’s designs and artifacts and explores the legendary architect’s influence on families and the American home.

"The Two Taliesins" exhibit and other tours of SC Johnson are free & open to the public

For more information about this exhibit or tours of the SC Johnson campus, call 262-260-2154, email tours@scj.com. or use the online scheduling tool at www.scjohnson.com/visit

Photo credits:

Top: (c) Jason Tish.

Bottom: (c) Judith Bromley. Courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona.

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