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Two of the biggest interconnected challenges of our time, how to live sustainably on this planet and how to be effective stewards of the environment, are as much problems for the design professions as they are questions for science and engineering. Sustainability and the environment present challenges that are as broadly cultural as they are technical. Sustainability and the environment are as much the problems of the fine arts, philosophy, the humanities, journalism, business, and of course architects, as they are problems for scientists and engineers.

Architecture is uniquely situated to wrestle with these issues. Architects work collaboratively to engage and synthesize broad bodies of knowledge in the design of solutions to these challenges. “Collaborative Education for a Sustainable Future” is the School’s motto and reflects an aspiration held by our entire community. Architects today must be well-educated critical-thinkers and problem-solvers who possess and can effectively apply highly refined aesthetic and technical knowledge.

Our students’ performance is the most effective measure of

our success.

In the fall of 2011, a team of 200 Maryland students, faculty and mentors from multiple disciplines designed and built WaterShed to blend solar energy efficiency and water conservation. They drew their inspiration from the Chesapeake Bay. Panels of experts judged the competing entries on ten dimensions, and WaterShed came in first overall, and placed first in Architecture, Energy Balance and Hot Water. The accomplishments of the WaterShed team, lead by Associate Professor Amy Gardner, AIA, are a testament to our program’s commitment and achievements in the arena of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Check out the book Inspired Innovation: WaterShed at the University of Maryland, which documents the process from concept to victory (available in PDF below). If you'd like to purchase your own copy of the book, download the form below.

We invite you to join us on our journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally balanced world. Welcome to Maryland’s Architecture Program!

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Director, Architecture Program

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