List of Free Online Architecture Engineering Courses & Programs

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See our list of the top free online architecture engineering courses. Learn about what courses are available, what topics they cover and whether you can use them to get college credit.

List of Free Online Architecture Engineering Courses and Degree Programs

While there are many free architectural engineering courses available online, free online degree programs are not offered. Online courses may include materials like example projects and exams, though students do not receive credit for completing them.

Free Online Architecture Engineering Courses

Architectural Construction and Computation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students interested in how computers are used in architectural design should take a look at this OpenCourseWare course offered by MIT. This course explores several different aspects of the architectural design process. For example, students will take a look at structural design, detail design, computational and legal issues. The course offers downloadable assignments and recitations.

Architectural Design: Intentions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This studio course trains students in techniques like design methods, drawing and analyzing precedents. This is an undergraduate course that is designed to help students cultivate architectural ideas and aesthetic judgments. The course includes downloadable examples of projects that can help inspire students and help them learn technical skills.

Basic Structural Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This course is for undergraduate students interested in studying the historical development of structural form and architectural theory. Students look at the behavior of structural systems through case studies and design exercises. The course provides exams and examples of final projects.

Dialogue in Art, Architecture, and Urbanism at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This graduate course explores architectural design and takes a close look at the way designers have translated different elements of an array of cities through their work. The class focuses its attention on 'planned cities', like Las Vegas, and compares them with recycled urban spaces like the Rose Kennedy Greenway. In addition to course materials, students can look at term projects completed by previous students.

Experiencing Architecture Studio at Massachusetts Institute

of Technology

This undergraduate class employs designs and models that use contrasting construction systems to create new places that influence the way users inhabit space. This course is specifically engineered for students who do not have a background in design. The class is meant to test the aptitude of students who are interested in architecture. Downloadable lecture notes and project examples are available.

Introduction to Building Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This course is designed for undergraduate students. The class helps students understand the physics involved with building and architectural design. This course presents an overview of issues that are needed to provide a building and its occupants with psychological, physical and functional health. The course provides lecture notes, assignments, exams and descriptive images.

Nature and the Built Environment at University of Notre Dame

This is a seminar course that is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The seminar explores the way cultural, social and other humanistic elements shape physical and aesthetic designs. The course is presented as a series of eight lectures downloadable from the course website.

The Production of Space: Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Dialogue at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This graduate seminar deals with the concept of space and how it is used. Students look at the potential of art and architecture within different urban settings. The class includes video lectures and lecture notes.

Roman Architecture at Yale University

For students interested in the classical roots of architectural theory, Yale offers an OpenCourseWare version of a Roman architecture course. This course is an introduction to the Roman architectural legacy and provides a comprehensive survey of classical work. The class is composed of 23 lectures.

Theory and Method in the Study of Architecture and Art at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is another graduate-level seminar designed for students of architecture and art history. This course is a writing-intensive course focused on visual studies and their relationship with normative art history. Students are provided with a reading list and a final paper assignment.

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