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The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (BAA)

The BAA is a pre-professional degree that prepares students for admittance to a two-year graduate program in architecture. The overall intent of the BAA degree program is to provide a firm grounding in the essential ideas, principles, theories and technologies that underlie the built environment. The design studio sequence, the core of the program, is where all the elements of the design process come together in exercises that build increasing skill and sophistication in the student designer.

The Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

The University of New Mexico offers two programs of study that lead to the nationally accredited first professional degree, Master of Architecture.

• The 2 Year Program of Study is composed of two parts: a four-year undergraduate program that leads to the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree and a two-year, 54-credit hour program of study that leads to the fully accredited Master of Architecture degree. The undergraduate program is a balance of liberal arts courses and core courses in architecture, while the graduate program is oriented to professional preparation through advanced and specialized course work. Students applying to

the two-year graduate program must have successfully completed a four-year pre-professional degree program in architecture.

• The 3½ Year Program of Study is a 102 credit program designed for students with bachelor degrees from any field. These students may apply to the 3½-year program of study leading to the fully accredited Master ofArchitecture degree. This program allows fewer electives because it concentrates on professional preparation. Students in the 3½ year program of study bring to it a breadth of knowledge based on previous education and experience. Updated curriculum .

In addition to the above first professional degrees, we offer a post professional degree:

• The 1½ Year Program. leading to a Master of Science in Architecture degree, is for students who have already completed an accredited first professional degree and wish to obtain an advanced degree. In this program there are few specific established requirements. Students are encouraged to propose the most professionally and personally useful course of studies with their faculty advisor. Students in the program are expected to take advantage of the special opportunities offered by this program and our unique physical/social setting to pursue individualized educational goals.

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