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ABIBOO Architecture is an architectural firm with headquarters in Madrid-Spain, New York-USA and Chennai-India (Madras). The vision of ABIBOO Architecture is to improve people’s life and to inspire new generations to make their dreams a reality by creating Architectural spaces that represent and serve today’s global and complex Society, by bringing innovation, excellence and personal care by a united international team of creative, passionate, dynamic, proactive, big thinkers.

ABIBOO’S team has over 15 years of experience in architectural and sociological innovation and research. Accumulates over 4 million m2 projected over the planet, with construction budgets in excess of 6,000 million dollars.

We shape under customized, contemporary guidelines giving special attention to local cultural requirements, adding top-notch, fresh, positive values.

Although Architecture is believed to have been globalized in a “flattened Earth” we encourage to have no resistance to change, maintain identity and high standards.

Residential Type 1: Residential Complexes / Residential Towers / High-Luxurious Villas

- Basic and Execution Projects

- Construction Documents

- Construction Administration

Calendars and delivery systems available ABIBOO Architecture:

- Lineal schedule delivery

- Fast track schedule delivery

- Turnkey Projects

The team at ABIBOO Architecture is an international human capital distributed in three offices: New York, Madrid and Chennai (Madras). It consists of project managers, directors, architects, designers, sociologists and researchers working in a multidisciplinary design approach and a global vision of architecture. This team has over 15 years of experience and accumulates 4 million square feet projected throughout the world and construction budgets of over 6,000 Million US Dollars.

ABIBOO Architecture is also a research laboratory. Understanding architecture as a dynamic and complex discipline, ABIBOO is committed to research and to architectural criticism.

ABIBOO Architecture is led by its Founder Alfredo Munoz. Alfredo is an International Associate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and of the Architectural Association of Madrid (COAM). He has lectured and taught at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, European University, Pescara University, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Tongji University at Shanghai, among others.

Prior to founding ABIBOO he lived in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and USA, working for some of the

most acclaimed architects of the XX century as a Project Manager in charge of large-scale projects, Director of subsidiary offices in other countries, and as Associate and senior designer. During this time that preceded ABIBOO he directly managed teams of over 50 people and the buildings he has designed or managed add up to over 3 million square feet with budgets of over 2 billion Euros. Some of these firms prior to ABIBOO Architecture are Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM), Toyo Ito, Abalos & Herreros and Alberto Campo Baeza.

At present times Alfredo Munoz is constantly traveling, learning from the diverse arts and cultures of the world, and sharing the philosophy of architecture and the lifestyle that ABIBOO represents and proposes everywhere he goes.

At ABIBOO Architecture we believe that a better habitat is possible and we are committed to the powerful results that the combination of generosity and architecture can create. In order to do this, approximately 10% of our human and financial resources are donated to social commitment projects around the world.

Architecture is a way to improve the quality of people lives; it provides a framework for social interaction activities and it affects the mind, body and soul. We can help improve the quality of life of our society in the built environment. We strive for sustainability, to support fundamental human rights and to be sensitive to reality.

Areas of particular interest at ABIBOO Architecture as part of our Social Commitment are:

1. Logistical, financial, personnel and know-how support for the infrastructure development in case of emergency situations.

2. Logistical, financial, personnel and know-how support for the sustainable development of new Emerging areas.

3. Logistical, personnel and know-how support to promote education and spatial development of children up to age 15.

4. Logistical, personnel and know-how support to foster knowledge exchange and to promote the best practices for artistic, cultural and anthropological education in a globalized world.

ABIBOO Architecture’s team, in collaboration with other groups, has done the following activities and works as part of its social social commitment:

  • Harlem School rehabilitation, located in New York.
  • Financial support for the platform, “American Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake” through .
  • Rehabilitation of the library and classrooms of Colegio Manuel Gim

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