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For children, teens & Big Kids – Play fun building games online for free – Bridge building games, construction engineering games, house / castle building, card building games, building block activities & critical thinking puzzles on your computer on From easy-to-play games to more challenging ones for Problem Busters. Happy building, and always remember – Safety First!

For those of you who enjoy testing your building and creative skills: Explore and design a new world, mine resources, build your dream house or unique landscape or just create new environments for fun. Use your imagination to its limits, challenge your mind, and experiment with new ideas for design.

Gamers who love to play Minecraft (where you place blocks to build things & go on adventures), should also find that they very much enjoy playing Mine Clone (where your imagination, determination and stamina are your only limits). Mine Clone truly is a top creative building, adventure landscaping and design game that requires you to freely roam around and explore a 3D world waiting to be enhanced by you alone, to remove and move (mine) blocks to fill the landscape with new resources, and to build cool new structures from these blocks, and craft new construction tools according to available options. Remember that this game was created to challenge players to learn to think outside of the box, Bigtime! For example, what can you do if you go under water or take your building plans into the air?

Free Bridge builder/Brain-teaser Game: The aim of the game is to build a solid bridge across a canyon within the allocated budget given. Once you complete the bridge, strange little creatures will try to cross the bridge, and will test it for you in full. Learning physics is made fun through this game, and it is a huge challenge getting the bridge structure right. The bridge building challenge increases significantly as you progress from levels 1 to 3!

You should only connect pieces from end to end only. Do not connect a supporting piece to the middle of some other piece (it is a weak link if you need to connect in the middle). Break the bridge piece into two parts, and only then connect the supporting piece to the junction. Use metal pieces only where the strength of wooden pieces would not be sufficient.

Use your mouse and keys to build the bridge: Click from one point to another to lay a piece of the bridge. Press the ESC button on your keyboard to deselect a piece. You can click on an existing piece to remove it or you can click on a section anchor point and press the Delete button to remove the section. Press the T key to see how your bridge holds up and if it can support its own weight. Press ESC to return to the construction phase when your testing is done and something needs to be fixed.

Fancy a career as a roller coaster designer or architect? If so, this game will be right up your street. Rollercoaster Creator is a fun and entertaining building game for kids and teens where you get to draw and design your very own custom-built rollercoaster track in the online amusement park. Create the ride of your life by inserting terrifying steep inclines, exhilarating loop-the-loops and hair-raising drops. Earn Thrill coins from your passengers (virtual coins with a red heart) by making your track more daring.

Play this compelling game to test your physics knowledge, including the universal laws of gravity, force and motion. Make sure your track is designed to build up enough momentum for those petrifying twists and turns, or your train might get stuck or even crash. When you have built your track, click on the Play icon, and see how much the thrill-seeking public love it.

Free Bridge builder/Brain-teaser Game: This is another, yet more challenging version of the bridge builder game, and it has more levels to get through. The objective of the game is to build a bridge across a canyon within the allocated budget. Learning physics is made fun through this game, and it is a huge challenge getting the structure right. Once your bridge is built, strange creatures will try to cross the bridge you built, and will test it in full. The bridge building challenge increases significantly as you progress from levels 1 to 3!

Use your mouse and keys to build the bridge: Click from one point to another to lay a piece of the bridge. Press ESC to deselect a piece. You can click on an existing piece to remove it or you can click on a section anchor point and press DELETE to remove the section. Press T to see how your bridge holds up and if it can support its own weight. Press ESC to return to the construction phase when your testing is done and something needs to be fixed.

You should only connect pieces from end to end only. Do not connect a supporting piece to the middle of some other piece (it is a weak link if you need to connect in the middle). Break the piece into two parts, and only then connect the supporting piece to the junction. Use metal pieces only where the strength of wooden pieces would not be sufficient.  Have fun!

A top 3D building adventure game to challenge your mind and imagination to its limits, and to experiment creatively with new ideas for structures and design. Mine Clone 2 (otherwise know as Mine Clone Version 0.1b), is an epic online construction and engineering-based free-roam game similar in concept to Minecraft. In Mine Clone 2, you become a master landscape creator, and get to explore around a vast 3D world, removing (mining) and restructuring building blocks. The only limits are your imagination, determination and stamina, and you can choose to build (literally) sky-high structures, create your dream house, dig endless tunnels, go on amazing engineering adventures, and more!

This addicting, and downright mind-boggling resource management game should prove an enthralling activity for those of you with a real interest in engineering, construction, industrial manufacturing, architecture, landscaping, and everything in between. You can take a casual, nonchalant approach to your mining work, or make a very serious and concerted effort to create what you regard as structural masterpieces – the choice is entirely yours! This is the kind of game that actively encourages thinking "outside of the box" (perhaps an overused term but extremely important in making development possible) – so let’s see what new wonders you can come up with! Happy mine cloning!

Castle Wars  - Build a giant castle with the help of various bonus-cards in this online card game. Destroy your opponent's castle or build a 100-storey castle yourself in order to win the game. Wards cards are used to perform different actions. Each of the cards has its own action/meaning, such as building, attacking, stealing etc. You have to select a card and use it for your own profit or to damage an opponent.

Your achievements are shown on the left side of the game screen, and your opponent's – on the right. Go to 'Card Deck' to see what cards are available and choose the number of each card you want to include in the game. Click 'default' and 'use' at the bottom of the page if you want to play the default version of the game with a selected number of cards. Select 1 player or 2 player game to start. Then choose the difficulty level (beginner, experienced) for the battle to begin.

Happy Builder is a challenging crane driving game for kids. Do you believe that you have the unique skills to do the job of a crane operator or do you fancy yourself as a civil engineer in your future career? In this Happy Builder game, you are in the "Builder of the Year" competition! As on every construction site, you should first become familiar with what you are going to build and only then should you start building.

It is all about the order when you are building something or you‘ll find yourself wasting time and energy. You cannot start from the roof before you have the walls. When picking up a block (a part of the structure), it must be picked up in such a way that it will be suitable to put in its place correctly. For example: You cannot put a dog's house sideways so it must be picked up the way it can be put bottom down first.

You have to consider the laws of physics (Earth gravity) too; A piece of structure that has no support on one side is simply going to fall or tumble down. Each piece must be carefully put in its place. Once it is in the correct position, a clock icon will appear indicating that the piece is in the right place and points will be counted (based on the speed you have put it in place). Once the clock finished turning, the piece of structure is „cemented in“ and cannot be moved. Only the correct blocks can be "cemented in“, as any other will stay loose if put in the incorrect position. Do not forget that the parts must be „pulled in“ one by one and cannot be put "through“ the others.

For example: You are building a wall with the doors. If the wall is built around the doors (the left and right side as well as the lintel above the doors ), you cannot put the doors in anymore as every possible direction is "blocked“. If that is the case, you have to start the construction of that site from scratch. To do so – click on „R“ button located at the top right corner and start building again. Once you have finished building one structure, you can proceed to the next one (which is more complex). A map is displayed and you can choose a new construction site by clicking on one of the orange cones. You can choose only the orange striped cones as grey ones are locked. They become unlocked as you gain experience and build more sites.

Structure pieces are brought by a conveyor on the right side. To pick up a structure piece, use your computer mouse to control the crane hook. Move it to the piece at the exact point where you wish to hook it up. Left Click and hold your mouse left button and start moving it with your mouse into the position it should be placed. Once in place, release the left mouse button and the piece is released. As in reality, every block has inertia – if you move it around very quickly and then stop suddenly, it will spin around on your crane hook.

Calling all architecture, construction and physics-based puzzle enthusiasts to stand up and get problem solving! Cargo Bridge 2 is a fun and challenging bridge-building game where you have to design and build a series of sturdy bridges that are capable of supporting the weight of Cargo Charlie (a very hard working freight handler) and his many crates and boxes. In this online brain-teaser for kids, teens and grown-ups, your buddy Cargo Charlie has to transport various pieces of cargo across a treacherous ravine. The problem is that there is simply no bridge to help him to cross. That’s where your valuable engineering expertise comes into play! Skillfully design and construct an architecturally-solid bridge to bear the load of Charlie and his Cargo, and get them safely across the ravine, back to Charlie's home.

This difficult building activity requires the patience and tenacity of a lion, and the task becomes trickier as you progress and the ravine gets wider. There is plenty of trial and error required to keep your bridge stable enough to withstand Charlie’s dangerous trip across. If you are a budding young architect, builder or engineer of the future, you will be impressed by the intricate construction skills required – with support beams, columns, and load-bearing structures all essential to a solid bridge. The question is, have you got the essential skills it takes to become a Master Bridge Builder? Your answer could be - we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Construct a crazy mouse-trap contraption, and help Tom catch Jerry for once and for all in Tom's Trap-O-Matic. a challenging and interactive online puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to use a combination of wacky devices in order to set a trap that snares Jerry - the legendary cartoon mouse. Tom the Cat has been hunting the cheeky and elusive Jerry for donkey's years, and has finally amassed an arsenal of whimsical and random gadgets that can be used to create a unique contraption and chain reaction of events that finally brings a cage down around poor little Jerry. You play the role of ‘trap manager’, and have to design and set up a step-by-step process using small machines, tiny toys, and moving parts that once activated in sequence will all combine to form a mechanical chain reaction. If you can figure out a solution that combines the correct combination of various gadgets, you can create the most intricate and epic mouse trap of all time!

Based on the iconic cat-and-mouse cartoon series Tom and Jerry, this surprisingly tricky brain teaser game is a real test of your creative engineering know-how, analytical thinking ability, observation skills, and sheer problem-solving determination. Even

experienced online puzzle aficionados may find the task of putting together a working mouse trap quite difficult. Trial and error combined with great patience is the order of the day as you have to constantly chop and change your mechanical mouse trap arrangement in order to avoid furniture, speed up the process, or change the direction of the reaction of the various parts in your unique construction. Ok trap-maker, let’s see your cunning plan and master design in motion!

Fancy a career as an explosive demolition expert? Think you can use your engineering skills to carefully demolish buildings and bring them tumbling to the ground? Demolition City 2 is a challenging gravity and construction-based puzzle game where your goal is to successfully demolish a skyscraper in each level using explosives (sticks of dynamite.) Travel through the ages and demolish historical buildings from the Wild West, the Roman Empire and the Industrial Age. Strategically place and detonate explosives to demolish structures. You are given an amount of dynamite, and you have to ensure the rubble falls below a certain height once you set the charges and it all comes tumbling down.

The more carnage you create, the more virtual income you earn. This means you can purchase more dynamite and other explosives to help you along the way. Although this is a game of destruction, you have to use your creative engineering abilities to ensure the buildings fall in the right direction – as you lose points for crashing off other buildings and statues. You’ll also need to use your knowledge of gravity to succeed in this fun problem solving activity. Ok Explosives Expert, it’s time to have a blast!

Bulldozer is a furious little building demolition game for kids and teens where you have to smash, tear-down and destroy all of the buildings with your big bulky bulldozer using a big swinging wrecking ball or a hook in order to pass each level. It requires keen driving skills, a destructive mood, and mostly, a sense of fun! This highly entertaining simulation game offers hours of online damage and destruction. Have a blast! Good luck Demolition Guy!

OK, your mission is to cause carnage. You need to flatten everything in your path in order to go on to the next level. You need to swing and wreck your way to success! Be careful though! If you don’t destroy the buildings fast enough, you will crash into them and then it’s game over. Think you can handle the responsibility and demands of driving a huge demolition bulldozer? You have to be quick-on-the-swing, aim straight, let off some steam and bring that house down!

Build a railroad track as fast as you can from tile pieces in an intense, interactive puzzle game. In Railroad Tycoon 3. you must quickly assemble a workable train track pathway for an imminent locomotive to make it safely all the way to the next station. A 3-carriage freight train is already on its merry way – however, no one has told the driver that the tracks ahead are yet to be completed! However, that’s where you come in to save the day!

This challenging, construction-based brain teaser for older kids & teens is all about your decision making process and quick reaction speed. In your essential role as ‘super fast railroad constructor’, you must smartly build a smooth, continuous path for the train using the randomly jumbled track sections available on the left side of the grid. Multi-tasking and creative engineering skills also come into play as you try to expertly plan ahead. You can also demolish sections of your track as you progress, as you encounter more complex routes and tricky obstacles to your building process. This means you must smartly re-arrange areas of your track, connect corner sections in advance, plan for more than one possible route, and more. Also, the pressure of knowing that the train is just seconds away is always on your mind!

Put on your hard hat – it’s demolition time! Building Blaster 2 is a fun construction-based puzzle game where you have to demolish buildings using a huge arsenal of explosives – including dynamite, C4, missiles and more! In each level, you have to detonate a certain amount of explosives, and must ensure the rubble and debris completely falls out of a highlighted red area to succeed. Use your engineering skills to carefully destroy various structures, and bring them tumbling to the ground.

Strategic planning and timing is very important in this tricky building puzzle, as you can set your explosives to go off at different times, thus increasing the destruction! The more carnage you create, the more virtual income you earn. You can use this to purchase more dynamite and other explosives to help you along the way. Although this is a game of destruction, you have to use your creative engineering abilities to ensure the structures fall in the right direction – as you lose points if the rubble hits off civilians. Are you ready for a big blast? Good, but you’d better cover your ears! BOOM!

Castle of Cards is a fun, online card stacking game that requires logic and helps develop thinking skills. Your aim is to collect as many points possible while building a house of cards with the least number of cards wasted. You can choose to play a Practice or a Level mode. There are many different levels to choose from (Pyramide, Sphinks, La Tour feel, Bermuda Triangle etc.). If you choose to play Level mode, you must pass each level at least once in order to go to the next level or to play any previous ones. A larger house of cards has to be built with each level you reach.

To make a card pair, click on two cards of the same suit or value and place it on the black lines behind the row of cards. When all the black lines are filled, you have to place “beams” (ceiling). Important: Pairs must be supported underneath by other pairs that are of equal or larger value, as otherwise, the pair will crumble and the house (castle) may fall. Beams can be of any value. Pairs of value 20 are called 'Balsa Wood' and have a special supporting feature - They can be placed on top of other pairs of any value. Pairs of value 21 are 'Cement'. They can be placed anywhere and will reinforce any pairs below. If a joker is drawn, the top level of the house is blown away. Two or more Jokers in your hand will blow away the entire house, and the game is over.

Put on your hard hat, it’s time to get building! Construction Academy is a challenging online building game where your goal is to construct a tower of blocks that stays upright and solid. On each level, you have a certain number of Tetris-style blocks that you have to build, one by one, until you have a solid structure. This game is based on the laws of physics and gravity, so if you put a block in the wrong place, it all comes tumbling down! This game requires a steady hand, patience and practice, and is perfect for kids who would like to work in construction or engineering when they get older or anyone who would like a challenging building exercise.

Each block must be carefully placed onto your structure, and you must plan ahead - because the blocks just keep on coming. This game will also test how well you work under pressure, as you only have a short amount of time to strategically place each block before the next one comes along. Don’t forget, You have to consider the laws of physics and gravity too. A piece of structure that has no support on one side is simply going to fall / slide off the side. Don’t let that happen; Use your creative engineering skills to figure out the best place to land each block. Ready Construction Master? It’s time to build your way to the top!

Railway Valley 2 is a really intense and challenging train traffic management and construction game for older kids & teens where you have to build a complex railroad system between developing towns. Under extreme pressure, you are tasked with the important job of ‘Chief Railroad Controller’, and must plan out the various routes for each train line in a methodical, step-by-step building process. Initially set in the 1800’s, when train travel was the most popular mode of transport between rapidly growing cities, you must carefully and cleverly grow your rail network as the technology of the day improves generation after generation.

This fun and surprisingly difficult engineering-based brain teaser game requires good strategic planning and organizational development skills, and solid decision making. As well as exercising important life skills such as good timekeeping and multi-tasking, you also need to be right on track with quick physical reactions (For example, if you see a possible collision about to occur, you’d better flip that track switch immediately). Players should quickly learn here that being in charge of a working fleet of trains is no mean feat!

Build The Bridge is a fun geometry puzzle game for kids and teens (The use of geometry is crucial in the construction of bridges, which would collapse without it). In Build The Bridge, you have to build bridges over canyons, fill gaps and holes with different shaped objects, and avoid landmines so that the train, passengers and freight (cargo) can safely pass along to the tunnel located on the right side of the game area. Drag, drop, rotate and "balance" various objects and shapes in this fun online engineering game so that obstructions and obstacles are avoided, and the ground surface is clear for the train to cross the bridge. Enjoy!

Insurgo is a superb, physics-based tower building game, and a fun and realistic structure building activity for all the family (Find out who are the "engineers of the future" in your family or class!). The goal in this brain-teaser is to build the highest and most stable tower possible. It has to be perfectly balanced in order to remain stable and survive. Build as high as you can; watch your tower wobble in the wind; try not to let it overbalance, and cringe if it collapses to the ground! When your tower falls, you lose the game. You can see the tower height and your score at the top of the game screen. Happy building, and mind your head!

Have you ever played a driving game and thought – “I could come up with a better track than this”? Well, now’s your chance to put your artistic skills to the test! Jump Gear 2 is a fun, clever and unusual side-scrolling driving game and game-designing activity where you can select to race on a pre-made track or you draw your own (At last - become the architect of your very own wacky race tracks!) You have a totally blank canvass to create awesome tracks that are as challenging or as easy as you like. Best of all, you get to test out your track creations, and race a cool little futuristic vehicle on them!

This dynamic building / racing game should be ideal for any budding young architects out there, as you have to design and build your race track completely from scratch. Fans of difficult racing games are also in luck – as you can make each track as challenging as you like. Create dangerous loops, steep drops, and tricky obstacles for your powerful little racing vehicle to overcome. You can also set a time limit on each race to add that extra bit of suspense! Share your track creations with friends, family, and other gamers. One day in the future, you might have the reputation of being the Ultimate Race Track Designer! Happy building!

Are you a fan of construction, engineering or physics-based puzzles, or renewable energy themed-games? If so, we need your help! The environmentally-friendly villagers of Windsville have a rather tricky problem; the windmills that they use to power their town currently aren’t receiving sufficient wind to produce enough electricity! Now, the desperate residents are crying out for a problem solving whizz kid to get their windmills working by designing a unique underground gear system – and that’s where your expertise is needed! Out Of Wind is a challenging brain teaser puzzle game for middle school / high school students where you have to carefully position circular wooden gears on underground pins in order to construct a gear system that switches the main windmill back on to generate power. The catch is that the gears are often different sizes, and the pins are awkwardly positioned so that only the precisely accurate combination of gears and the correct direction of the system alignment will get things moving!

This is a really enjoyable and innovative problem solving game where an added dash of creative engineering goes a long way. You need to call on your analytical and methodical thinking skills to figure out the correct grouping of gears in each level. Simply throwing the gears onto the underground pins in a flash won’t get the job done; you must try to technically envisage the mechanism, step-by-step, all the way to the surface gear. This should prove a popular activity with young puzzle solving enthusiasts out there, or anyone with an early interest in building, structural engineering, mechanisms, and generally ‘how things work’. The people of Windsville are counting on you – it’s time to get your brain in gear!

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