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Customize unique art, music, & architecture gifts featuring Kyle's striking designs of art periods, abstract motifs, musical instruments, and buildings - choose colors, add engraving. Find the perfect gift! These unique architectural and music themed artistic gifts are personalized with gorgeous glass or handcrafted color accents. Gifts include engraved card cases, flasks, boxes, and night lights, and feature antique & modern images of buildings, structures, musical instruments, art periods, and Kyle's abstract designs. Find top sellers below and shop more artistic gifts for items featuring decorative ribbons, polka dots, contemporary and vintage art designs.

Browse Kyle Design's wide range of distinctive art and music inspired design themes:

Art Deco - Clean lines and geometric shapes make each of our classic art deco gifts a timeless and suitable for any gift-giving occasion.

Art Nouveau - Keep a beautiful art nouveau accessory on hand to remind you that art is both fashionable, functional and a total way of life.

Arts & Crafts - Simplistic but creative, these craftsman gifts are great for anyone with an eye for decorative detail.

Asian - A bestselling gift collection featuring exotic oriental designs and symbolic Asian characters.

Bubbles - Fun bubbly gift ideas for a free spirit or positive thinker who makes you smile.

Celtic Irish - Representing solidarity, our gorgeous celtic knot decor is perfect for families, spouses and anyone who's got a little Irish blood in them.

Craftsman Rose - Inspired by classic flora and fauna designs, our lovely craftsman rose presents are a unique alternative to conventional roses.

Crest - If you're interested in heraldry and tracing the history of noble families, these decorative crest gift and decor ideas are perfect for you!

Drums - Check out our unique selection of drummer gifts, created especially for percussionists, rock band members and marching band drummers.

Flash - Our sparkling flash accessories are pretty but sophisticated for stylish women and ladies.

Fleur De Lis - Symbolizing freedom and triumph, our beautiful fleur de lis presents are popular for both men and women who are inspired by meaningful design.

Greek Keys - Adorned with a traditional greek fret pattern, our stunning greek key gift collection is sure to please any fan of grecian art.

Guitars - Ever dream of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix? Get in touch with your inner rock star by creating your own unique guitar gifts.

Kokopelli - A symbol of fertility and the spirit of music, our striking kokopelli design is sure to please anyone with an interest in southwestern culture and myths.

Milano Modern - Stylish milano design presents feature long classic shapes with contemporary details

for a fresh look.

Mission Style - This striking collection of mission style decor complements any color scheme in the home while adding unique personality and character.

Modern Decor - Make any space your own with modern home accents that reveal your eye for unusual art.

Music - Browse our exclusive selection of musical presents for musicians, songwriters, composers and music lovers.

Piano - Surprise the aspiring pianist or piano teacher in your life with a creative gift featuring our artistic pianoforte design.

Polka Dots - Our pretty polka dot pattern is perfect for any fan of mod, retro or vintage inspired clothing.

Retro Design - Funky retro gifts are sure to impress any mid-century modern fan.

Ribbons - Our flirty ribbon decor adds a contemporary feminine touch to any room.

Rings - Our winning interlocked rings design represents teamwork and athleticism - a great gift for sports teams!

Rock Art - Whether you're an archaeologist or geologist, you're sure to love these unusual rock art presents.

Rock Music - Impress the rock n' roll lover in your life with one-of-a-kind rock music decor.

Saxophones - Are you a fan of jazz music? Check out our smooth saxophone gift ideas that any fan of easy listening will love.

Spirals - Fun, eye-catching spiral of life gifts are sure to be appreciated by creative types and visual thinkers.

Splash - Great big splash gifts are an excellent gift-giving solution for lifeguards and swimming instructors at your community pool.

Victorian - Our lovely victorian era gift ideas are bestsellers for mom, grandma, stepmother and mother-in-law on Mother's Day!

Violins - An excellent selection of original violin gifts for professional violinists, violin teachers and orchestra members.

Vortex - For the recipient who likes sleek, edgy designs, consider our cool vortex gifts adorned with ninja star inspired images.

Customize your art and music gifts with bold designs, gold or silver metals, engraving and color for the perfect personalized gift or present. You'll find unusual handcrafted gifts that include stylish business card holders. ID badge reels, pill boxes, flasks. metal wallets, cigarette cases and money clips in contemporary designs by theme or interest. We have beautiful designs in contact lens cases, key chains and purse hooks with more than 30 unusual themes for creative individuals you won't find anywhere else - fun gift ideas like stamp boxes, gum holders, hair barrettes and tape measures.

If you're shopping for unique home decor with artistic or musical themes, you'll have a choice of elegant decorator stained glass night lights, sun catchers, fridge magnets, photo frames, and Christmas ornaments that will add an artistic flair to your residence.

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