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Home design, costs

I'm working on a basic design for a home to be built for my family.  Generally, is it a better idea to have an architect do the plans, or hire a reputable contractor who also does house plans?  What should I expect to pay for the design phase? What if changes to the plan have to be made?  Is adding a basement to a house in the design phase a cost effective way to go--if the space is needed?


I am thinking about being my owm general contractor to build my dream house in Palm Coast Fl. I am in the process of buying a lot. When it come to the drawings that need to be developed what is the different in using an Architect vs Draftsman?


Can you tell me which section the site plan fall under in a set of blueprints, and which abbreviated letter it has at the bottom right corner (ie: Architectural has A, Plumbing is P, etc. )

Roof slab in Typhoon.

hope you can help. I'm an expat living in the Philippines and I left my roof pour to the 'experts' (architect and cement company). They poured a 400sqm 5" thick roof slab today when it was obvious it was going to rain. Long story short - two trucks into the process (about 1hr) along comes the rain - and I mean it was TORRENTIAL rain - the kind you can only get in Asia. It rained for around 75 minutes and then became a 'sun shower' they

busted holes in the outside wall to let the water escape off the already poured cement - and each time they opened a hole it was like a waterfall. I went home, as I couldn't watch anymore. The architect came over and said that it wasn't 'all bad' that just the top 1/2 of cement has been washed away and that he could cap it later. However I've seen what happens to cement after it sets - (adding to it) - always cracks eventually, never a good bond - never like the pour it should have been. he suggested he might add some wire mesh to it (slapping forehead). So this wa .

Building my own house

I am looking to build a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in England, UK. I would like to know a rough idea of what the full procedure will cost, from gaining planning permission, architect costs, land costs, building work, plumbing, electric etc. Every cost from start to finish.

Brick veeneer and the use of angle iron

Dan: I am completing a rehab of a 40 x 95 commercial bldg. I want to cover the existing exterior of the bldg with brick; not thin brick, but the real thing. I have a contractor and architect who state that I can do this with the use of angle iron, negating the installation of a foundation for the brick veneer. The local city bldg dept also says it is possible. I would like your opinion on this matter. Again, the bldg is 40 ft wide, 16 ft high, and 95 ft long (single story).

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