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Architectural Association School of Architecture » Architectural Association School of Architecture

Advertisement Architectural Association School of Architecture An Architect who are involved to Architecture design home plan of course has the mature thinking before decided to build the home. They need to think a shape, such as what kind of building you would make. whether with round roof, uniquely slide, square floor or others. If you want to build by own method, it is important for you to know the skill.

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Architectural Association School of Architecture

Aquarium architecture

aquariums and marine research centers the first known aquarists were sumerians who kept fishes in artificial ponds approximately 4500 years ago. this collection of aquariums and marine research centers illustrate how architects have incorporated the idea of water when designing their structures california green academy of sciences image © tim griffith having just opened in september 2008 the california green academy of sciences took approximately 8 years to build.

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10 Application Architecture

This chapter defines application architecture and describes how the Oracle database server and database applications work in a distributed processing environment. This material applies to almost every type of Oracle database system environment. Introduction to Client/Server Architecture In the Oracle database system environment, the database application and the database are separated into two parts: a front-end or client portion, and a back-end or server portion—hence the term client/server architecture.

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Architecture in Ancient Rome

The best I can do is to make a few comments about Roman architecture. Even ten, or a hundred pages would not do it justice. Suffice to say that as with the other arts such as painting and sculpture, the ancient Romans absorbed all the best from the people they dominated, made it their own and made it bigger or better or both. Of particular note is the influence received from the Etruscans and then the Greeks but also the Egyptians, Persians, Judaeans and other conquered nations all made contributions.

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ancient rome architecture

Ancient Roman Architecture

When you consider that the Roman Empire was at its peak well over 2000 years ago, their architectural history is quite astounding. Despite having none of the modern tools the world has today, the Romans were able to create buildings and fortifications that have stood the test of time, and that serve several important purposes. Their amphitheaters could hold up to 70,000 people to watch bloody gladiator fights.

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ancient roman architecture

Ancient greek architecture

The Doric style is sturdy and its top is plain. This style was used in mainland Greece and the colonies in southern Italy and Sicily. The Ionic style is thinner and more elegant. Its topl is decorated with a scroll-like design (a volute). This style was found in eastern Greece and the islands. The Corinthian style is seldom used in the Greek world, but often seen on Roman temples. Its capital is very elaborate and decorated with acanthus leaves.

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Ancient Greece Influence On America

Ancient Greece Influence On America Ancient Greece made a huge impact on America which is evident even today. The ancient Greeks helped to lay the foundations for art, literature, theater, math, science, architecture, engineering and warfare. In fact, practically every area of American lives is influenced by Ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks gave America and the rest of the world formulas and theorems.

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Ancient Greece Influence On America

Ancient egyptian architecture

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ART For over three thousand years the Egyptians adhered to a prescribed set of rules as to how a work of art in three dimensions should be presented. Egyptian art was highly symbolic and a painting or sculpture was not meant to be a record of as the result of subtle changes, not an altered conception of art or its role in society. The Tree of Life On the Tree Of Life, the birds represent the various stages of human life.

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Ancient egypt architecture

The Pyramids The ancient Egyptians are famous for the building of the Pyramids. The pyramids were built as the burial places of the Egyptian kings from before the start of the Old Kingdom until the end of the Middle Kingdom. Because the Egyptians kept religious and government records, we are able to read about the building of some of these pyramids. The Step Pyramid at Saqqara The Step Pyramid at Saqqara is the earliest pyramid that is still there today.

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ancient egypt architecture

Features of Ancient Chinese Architecture

Table of Contents STRUCTURAL FLEXIBILITY BEAUTY AND ELEGANCE OF APPEARANCE SYMMETRY OF LAYOUT RICHNESS OF COLOR AND ORNAMENTATION The chief building material of ancient Chinese buildings is wood. The components are mainly columns, beams, and purlins that are connected by tenons and mortises. As a result, the wooden structure is quite flexible. The ancient Chinese wooden building possesses a unique design found only in China, termed dougong (i.

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ancient chinese architecture

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